This material should be made up in an edge runner mill (chaser) in the form of a medium stiff paste and in order to be successful, the pigments must be of utmost fineness and entirely free from grit. The white lead in oil must be ground stiff in refined or bleached linseed oil at the rate of 8 pounds of oil to 92 pounds pure white lead (basic carbonate), and the materials must be put into the chaser in the order given here. For a batch of 500 pounds, allowing for a few pounds of waste, place in the chaser gradually

240 lbs.

natural white barytes, water floated;

120 "

bolted English Cliffstone, whiting;

60 "

pure white lead, stiff ground in oil;

45 "

pale boiled linseed oil and special solution, as per formula below.

40 "

Note. Mix the linseed oil and solution before adding it slowly to the pigments.

Special Solution For Above Paste Drier

Dissolve, in 5 gallons hot water, 40 pounds anhydrous white sugar of lead, also 5 1/2 pounds chemically pure sulphate of manganese (in crystals) in 1 1/2 gallons hot water. When solutions are complete, add the two together and strain through cheese cloth to remove any fibre, lint or other undissolved matter. Result 100 pounds. This solution will also serve for a