Although many books have been published on the subject of paint and pigments, most of them have been written either by chemists, whose knowledge of the practical questions involved in paint manufacturing has been more or less biassed by the standards of the laboratory; or they have been written from the viewpoint of the consumer or practical painter; or in many instances they have been mere collections by hack writers of formulas that have appeared many times previously, and therefore being entirely out of date, whatever value they may have originally possessed has been lost, because later and better methods and formulas have been introduced into the paint factory.

In no other country have the advances in paint making and color grinding been so rapid as in the United States, because in no other country are such enormous quantities of paint consumed; and this is natural, because nowhere else are such a large proportion of the houses built of wood, requiring protection by paint in order to preserve them from the ravages of the elements. Owing to the competition that exists between the different paint manufacturers, processes have been gradually improved and developed until the practices of a decade ago have been completely revised or supplanted by more modern methods. Up to the present time, no book has been written from the standpoint of the practical paint factory man, and for the use of the manufacturer, as distinguished from the paint chemist.

We have frequently had calls for a book describing the latest methods of paint making and for this reason, we have felt that a work of the character of the present one would meet a necessity which exists.

The author of the present book, Mr. Charles L. Uebele, while by no means a novice in paint trade literature, has always been too modest to permit his name to appear in connection with the numerous articles which he has contributed to various paint trade publications, especially to The Painters Magazine and the Oil, Paint and Drug Reporter, but we have prevailed upon him to permit this book to be issued under his name.

Mr. Uebele has been connected with paint manufacturing for upwards of twenty-five years, and for the greater part of that time has been in charge of the paint making and color grinding in one of the largest factories of this country. For the past three years, he has been identified actively with a company engaged in the manufacture of paint specialties, specification paints and cement coatings. His work has not only been along practical lines, involving the handling of men, machinery, and materials, and a knowledge of the latest improvements in every process used in the paint factory, but it has necessitated much original research in order to develop such improved methods as were needed to keep the products of the factory with which he was identified at the forefront, as well as constant practical tests of their own and their competitors' products. Although well acquainted with the technical and scientific side of paint making, Mr. Uebele is essentially a factory manager and has written this book for other men holding similar positions. The methods given have all been practically tested out and are those in use in up-to-date factories at the present time. The formulas given in Part VI, have never been published before and are of themselves worth to the paint manufacturer, many times the cost of the book. Indeed, practical working formulas of this character are generally sold - when they can be bought at all - at prices ranging from ten dollars to twenty-five dollars each, and even more.

In offering this book to the paint manufacturers, we do so with absolute confidence that the statements made in it are correct and represent the best practice in paint making and color grinding at the present time.

The Painters Magazine.

December, 1913.