The first coat will dry nearly flat on baking and a finish with high gloss is given as a rule.

Mix and grind fine:

5 pounds best grade carbon black;

15 "

heavy bodied boiled linseed oil;

40 "

medium heavy hard gum baking varnish;

Let set until cooled and add to the 60 pounds of soft paste, 40 pounds turpentine asphaltum varnish of high grade, not of too heavy body. This batch should produce 12 gallons of enamel, unless too much is lost by evaporation in grinding. If the paste is ground in a good water cooled mill, the result from a mixing of 60 pounds should be not less than 58 pounds and the 2 pounds of volatile thinner lost, should be added as turpentine when the paste is being thinned.