Make a heavy bodied celluloid lacquer by dissolving 2 pounds gun cotton in 10 pounds commercial acetone and 20 pounds amylacetate. Add to this amount one-half pound castor oil to make it flexible. For a white enamel, to be applied by dipping to fishing baits, over the priming above referred to, grind best French process zinc in white damar varnish, 68 parts dry zinc to 32 parts damar varnish, and for every 4 pounds of white paste, use one gallon of the celluloid lacquer. If this does not drip freely, reduce slightly with more amylacetate. This white enamel may be tinted with colors ground in varnish, but oil colors must be avoided. This enamel may be made more impervious to water and show a far better finish by being dipped into a final coating of Transparent Waterproof Finish which is made by pulverizing best selected 5X Kauri gum, dissolving 2 pounds of this in 5 1/2 pounds, allowing it to clear by settling and final filtering.