Furniture Polish

Linseed oil, 6 fluid ounces; alcohol, 3 fluid ounces; shellac, one ounce; butter of antimony, 1 1-2 fluid ounce; hydrochloric acid, 1-2 ounce; turpentine, 5 fluid ounces.

Dissolve the shellac in the alcohol, and mix with the linseed oil and turpentine. Then, having mixed the hydrochloric acid and butter of antimony, add them to the mixture and shake thoroughly. Apply with a soft cloth.

Polishing Wax For Furniture

Melt 8 ozs. of white bees' wax with 8 ozs. of turpentine, cool and add 2 ozs. alcohol.

Furniture And Floor Wax

Melt together, 16 ozs. bees' wax, 1 oz. Venice turpentine, and 16 ozs. spirits of turpentine. Allow to cool. Apply with a cloth or rag and polish after 1-4 to. 1-2 hour with a woolen cloth or weighted floor brush. More spirits of turpentine can be added if desired.

Good prepared floor wax, such as is in general use is made by melting together 3 pounds of ceresin wax and 2 pounds of Carnauba wax in 3 gallons of turpentine. The yield is about 26 pounds of floor wax, costing about 10 cents per pound and is equal if not superior to bees' wax preparations.

For restoring the color to weather stained and soiled floors, apply a strong solution of oxalic acid dissolved in water, at least 2 ozs. to the pint. This will clean and bleach the wood.

Cabinet Work Polish

Mix 1-2 pint of raw linseed oil, 1-2 pint of ale, the white of an egg, and 1 oz. of muriatic acid (commercial), shake well before using. Apply with a woolen cloth.

Egg Shell Polish

Dissolve 3 parts white shellac, 1 part mastic and 1 part sandarac in 40 parts of alcohol. Apply with a rag.

Furniture Polish

Mix 4 ozs. shellac varnish, 16 ozs. raw linseed oil, 2 ozs. turpentine and 2 ozs. bees' wax. Dissolve the wax in the oil and turpentine by the aid of a little heat. When cool, add the shellac.

Polishing Fine Wood Work

Mix shellac cut in grain alcohol, 2 parts, and raw linseed oil, 1 part. Shake well before using. Rub briskly until hard and bright.

Marble Polish

Mix 2 ozs. soda with 1 oz. pumice stone and 1 oz. chalk, both finely ground, and enough water to make a paste. Rub marble well with this and wash with soap and water. A fine polish should result. Bad stains can be removed by the use of dilute muriatic acid rubbed with pumice.

Wax Finish For Wood

Boil 4 ozs. of white wax with 1 oz. of pearlash in 1 quart of water. Stir thoroughly while boiling, and until cold. Apply with a paint brush and rub until dry.

Excellent French Polish

For carved work, furniture and cabinet work.

1 gallon alcohol,

3 ozs. powdered copal (Zanzibar or Kauri gum),

2 ozs. gum Arabic, 6 ozs. shellac.

Strain - coat the articles and polish in the usual way.

Black Polish For Iron And Steel

Boil 1 part of sulphuric acid with 10 parts of turpentine. Coat the article with solution and hold over an alcohol flame until the black polish appears.

Furniture Polish

Pale paraffine oil, add a few drops of mirbane oil to disguise the odor. Apply with a soft rag and rub vigorously. The addition of one pound of paraffine wax to each gallon of oil will improve the polish.

Floor Paints are not as fully understood by the painter as they should be. Ordinary paint, made with a strictly linseed oil base, does not dry sufficiently hard, or present, when dry, the proper appearance or the necessary surface. A special paint is, therefore, necessary. The colors are usually those which are dull and neutral in tone and such shades as do not readily show dust or imperfections. The most satisfactory pigment base is composed of equal parts of white lead and white zinc ground in oil. The liquid base is made by mixing the following:

3 gallons boiled linseed oil,

6 gallons of quick drying gum varnish,

3 gallons of Japan dryer,

3 gallons of turpentine or benzine,

60 pounds of white lead, (in oil),

60 pounds of white zinc, (in oil).

Dark Yellow Floor Paint

Dark Yellow Floor Paint is made by adding to the above:

20 pounds of red staining color, 40 pounds of ochre staining color, 60 pounds of green staining color.

Staining colors mentioned under ready mixed paint formulae.

Dark Grey Floor Paint

5 pounds of black staining color, 5 pounds of lemon staining color.

Light Yellow Floor Paint

20 pounds of ochre staining color, 30 pounds of lemon staining color.

Lead Floor Paint

Lead Floor Paint is similar to dark grey with more staining color added.

Red Floor Paint

Red Floor Paint: use Indian red in place of white lead and white zinc, otherwise, proceed the same as preparing the base.

The addition of 4 pounds of blue staining color will improve the shade.

Dust Color Floor Paint

2 pounds of black staining color, 4 pounds of red staining color, 20 pounds of ochre staining color, 10 pounds of green staining color.

In a general way, prepare the liquid base as directed and add sufficient white lead and white zinc with coloring pigments to give the required shade, and body which must be rather thin.

Three gallons of solution may be added to the liquid base formulae if the paint is to be cheapened.

Polishing Carved Work

Dissolve 1 part of shellac and 1 part or rosin in 9 parts of alcohol. Apply warm and polish.

Polishing Powder For Glass

Moisten calcined magnesia with benzine and use with a rag. This mixture should be used quite thin.