Hanging Doors. In the fitting of large doors, such as in dwellings, allowance must be made for subsequent coats of varnish or paint, usually a scant 1/16" is allowed at top and each side of a door. The bottom of a door is often not touched, except to saw away the lugs of the stiles, until after the door is hung. The door is hinged, then closed and the bottom scribed to the floor so as to allow the door to swing over rugs or carpet freely. Where a threshold is to be used, the door is scribed to fit the thickness of the proposed threshold. ⅛" should be allowed at the bottom of the door for play. If a door has a stile with a bow in its face, it should be turned so that the bow is next the stop of the lock side.

Fig. 132. Door Parts

Fig. 132. Door Parts.