The drill bit, Fig. 72, is tempered quite hard and may be used to bore in metal as well as in wood. As this bit has no spur, it is best to make a "seat" for it. In metal a punch is used; in wood an awl, Fig. 73, will be used.

Gimlet bits, Fig. 74, are used mainly in boring small holes for screws.

The brad awl is used in making very small holes for small screws, but more especially for nails. It differs from the scribe awl only in that its extremity has a chisel edge instead of a point.

Fig. 72. Drill Bit

Fig. 72. Drill Bit.

Fig. 73. Scribe Awl

Fig. 73. Scribe Awl.

Fig. 74. Gimlet Bit

Fig. 74. Gimlet Bit.