This book has been written in the hope that it may be of service in those grammar schools where a more extended treatment of subject-matter, such as that contained in the author's Essentials of Woodworking, is not possible of utilization to an extent sufficient to warrant its adoption as an individual text.

The average time presupposed for the accomplishment of the subject-matter contained herein, with its efficient application in the form of projects or models, is from one to three hours a week for a period of two years, or its equivalent. One-third of this time may well be devoted to correlated mechanical drawing.

With the limited time at the student's disposal as presupposed in this text, there is hardly time for any study of related informational matter, such as trees and tree growth. Then, too, in many schools such subject-matter is efficiently treated in the classes in nature study, or should be.

The teacher desiring an outline of a course in woodwork with drawings of possible projects suitable for grammar grades is referred to the author's Correlated Courses in Woodwork and Mechanical Drawing.

Assignment of text for study should be by sections, as they relate to the shopwork being done, rather than by page sequence.