Model No 2 Windmill 3

Place the paper in position.

Exercise No. 7. - Place the ruler from back right to front left corners, and draw the diagonal. Draw the other diagonal.

(Teach here that the square is now divided into four equal parts, and the middle point is found).

Exercise No. 8. - Take up the dividers, loosen the adjusting screw and open them so that the distance between the pivot and marking points will equal one inch. Place the pivot point at the centre of the square, grasp the dividers at their extreme upper end, with the tips of the thumb and fore-finger, and then make a circle by twirling the dividers, keeping the hand and arm in one position.

Teach here, the circle, centre, circumference, radius, and diameter.

Exercise No. 9. - Take up the paper with the left hand, and with the scissors, beginning at the corners, cut along the diagonals to the circumference of the circle. Bend the upper corner of the right quarter, the right corner of the front quarter, the lower corner of the left quarter, and the left corner of the back quarter to the centre. Catch up these corners as indicated in the diagram, sewing through the back. The pupils should fold and sew the form from the model and not from dictation).