GOLD is in general polished much the same as silver although some variation is made as works in gold are in general much smaller and do not require such active means as those in silver.

1. - Gold is 1st polished with water of ayr stone in the stick used with water, 2ndly with slips of wood with coarse crocus, and 3dly with a buff stick and fine crocus or rouge. The black polish which is so much esteemed, is given with the naked hand and rouge, but the perfection of the polish depends on the peculiar texture of the skin, as the hands of some individuals do not at all answer the purpose.

2. - Flat Works in Gold are treated by cutlers and others 1st with water of ayr stone in the stick with water, 2ndly charcoal in the stick with water, 3dly boxwood and rouge very nearly dry.

3. - Cut or facetted Gold is wrought upon pewter laps with crocus, the process closely resembles the cutting of facets on gems, see Chap. XXXIV., but the work is guided by the fingers alone.