The last house for us to describe is the twelfth house of the. celestial circle, or the house of private enemies; imprisonment, cares, anxieties, misery, and suffering. In horary questions, it denotes every kind of grief, persecution, malice, secret toil of mind, envy, incarceration, treason, sedition, assassination, and suicide. It is also the. house of cattle and great beasts. In nativities, the rule above does not hold good, for the student in celestial philosophy will soon perceive in the course of his practice, that the evil planets therein, are far less evil and weaker in mischief than when angular; or even in the eleventh or fifth houses. This axiom (the author's own experience) no former author has recorded; it is nevertheless strictly true.

Manuscript observations on horary questions, state this house as signifying " deceivers, envious, bewailing, sorrowing, weeping, lamenting, blaspheming, imprisoning, and malevolence". Others say, it is the house of horses, asses, and beasts that are ridden; also, according to Haly, " it represents banished persons, malefactors, lost goods never recovered, long hidden wrath, vile persons, reproaches, disobedient; as also the foetus of animals previous to birth. Adila and Zael, two very ancient writers, have these curious remarks relative to the nature of the twelfth house: " It is the house of captives and imprisonment; but note well that the wise men have different significations of imprisonment, for the taking, and the cause thereof, is signified by the eighth house, and the twelfth house, the place of imprisonment and him that is imprisoned". Also others relate " that this house signifies the substance or money of friends, being the second house to the eleventh; and brethren of kings, being the third to the tenth, or mid-heaven; and fathers of religious persons, being the fourth house to the ninth; and sons of the absent, being the fifth house to the eighth; also it signifies as well, the sickness of wives, being the sixth house to the seventh, or west angle; and servants enemies, being the seventh house, or opposite to the sixth; and the death of children, being the eighth house to the fifth; and religion and long journeys to fathers, being the ninth house to the fourth; also lastly, the magistery (or trade) of brethren, as it is the tenth to the third house".

It is a feminine house and like Of The Twelfth House 159 rules the feet.

The student will bear in mind, that in the foregoing description, (which the diagram, at page, 91. will illustrate,) the angular houses of heaven are first in power, strength, and efficacy, whether in good or evil.

The succeedent houses are second in influence, but by far more weak in strength and power; and,the cadent houses are, by the generality of Astrologers, esteemed as the weakest of the whole. This order of the houses, with few exceptions, the author admits also, in his system; but more especially as it relates to the four cardinal houses, or angles, which certainly are by far the most powerful; whether in nativities, horary questions, or themes of heaven for any occasion whatever.

Of The Twelfth House 160

In the above diagram, by referring to any particular house the student will easily perceive the various compound significations of its symbolical indication. As these are not to be found in any author whatever, but are transcribed from a very ancient and original manuscript, long before printing was invented, the author presumes that they will be deemed very acceptable, even by those who are skilled in these sciences; while to the student in Astrology, it will no doubt be a treasure, duly appreciated, as it is well worthy attention.

" Experience. nest to thee I owe, Rest guide; not following thee, I had remain'd In ignorance; thou open'st wisdom's way, And giv'st access, though secret she retire.

------------Heaven is high,

High, and remote to see from thence distinct Each thing on earth",