Astrologers attribute to the sixth house an evil signification; it is the house of sickness, and partly of private enemies, being in opposition to the twelfth house, and the parts of body which is ruled by the signs on the cusp of this house, or accidentally intercepted therein, are said to denote diseases. In horary questions, it represents different effects, being the house not only of sickness, but of servants, dependants, uncles, aunts, and all kindred by the father's side; small cattle, rabbits, sheep, goats and hogs; tenants, stewards, shepherds, farmers, etc.: all questions relating to these subjects, are judged from the sixth house. In State Astrology, it denotes the sickness or health, of the community at large.

Manuscript, Arabian Astrologers represent the sixth house, as being "the house of vassals, beasts not ridden, also the substance of children, as being the second house to the fifth; and the brethren of fathers, for it is the third to the fourth bouse; and the fathers of brethren, as being fourth to the third house; and also enemies of enemies, being the seventh house from the twelfth; also the death of friends, as being the eighth house to the eleventh : and long journeys, and religion of kings, being the ninth house to the tenth or medium coeli; also magistery and lay dignities, being the tenth or house of honor to the ninth house; and enemies of the absent, and private enemies of wives (and fellows), being the twelfth house to the seventh".

It is a feminine house, and similar to Of The Sixth House 154 , ruling the abdomen and intestines.