The new psychology of dreams, as elaborated by Freud, represents one of the greatest advances ever made in our knowledge of the human mind and of human motives. For abnormal psychology, dream-analysis can be compared only in importance with the discovery of the origin of species and of the factors of organic evolution in the field of biology. The analysis of dreams is not only of great theoretical value in the understanding of the unconscious but has its practical side as well, in giving medicine the most potent instrument which it has ever possessed in the treatment of certain functional nervous disturbances.

This volume is written along purely psycho-analytic lines, and every dream therein has been personally analyzed by the author. Its aim is to give the general reader an outline of the meaning of dreams as elaborated by the psycho-analytic school, with its applications to medical science, in particular to that method of psychotherapy known as psycho-analysis. Because of the great difficulties inherent in the subject of dream-analysis, only the basic principles have been given, the details being left for the special treatises and journals on the subject.


Boston, February, 1915.