There are ever increasing numbers of researching people from all walks of life, who recognize the human being as a valuable instrument for receiving information about himself and his environment. The following are comments by Dr. James Swan:

Today we find ourselves facing energy and resource shortages and a number of other environmental and social -problems which cloud the future. Most certainly many of these problems can be attributed to the inability of people to get along with each other, create social systems which foster diversified actualization of human potentiality, and live in harmony with nature. It may well be that in owning and exploring the sea of energy in which we live will lie important clues to unlocking existing problems and allowing for the continued evolution and enhancement of human life. "Everything must be balanced" is one of the general principles which seems to guide our universe. It seems right, then, that now may be the time to reown and use our natural sensitivities and rediscover the world in which we live. (1)

Dr. Swan puts his finger on the pulse of life when he comments, "Everything must be balanced." The atomic balance of our atoms depends upon the same number of electrons as protons in their atomic structures. Only when the atoms in our basic elements are atomically balanced are we in resonance with our environment and capable of being a sensitive instrument.

Human sensitivity is of course a relatively little studied aspect of human potentiality. As with many aspects of human behavior we often know more about the negative or pathological aspects of sensitivity than the positive ones, and yet in our sensitivity may lie the key to greater understanding of human life as well as increased human happiness. For example, some preliminary research by Dr. William Tiller at Stanford University has discovered some extremely sensitive individuals who are able to use their sensitivity to achieve greater understanding of themselves and their environment.

According to Dr. Tiller, "One individual has shown himself to be sufficiently sensitive to respond to a I microamp current flowing in a wire imbedded several feet underground. "

Dr. Tiller suggests that the process by which sensitivity occurs in humans may well be very similar to the nature of antennae which are used in electronics. "In the human body the antennae elements are most probably the acupuncture points whose loci lie along the meridian system. Each nerve axon is surrounded by a myelin sheath forming a spiral structure acting as a wave guide to conduct a traveling spiral wave to its end-point just under the surface of the skin. Since recent studies indicate that about 600,000 linear miles of autonomic nerve fibers exist in the mature human, this system can constitute an antennae system of exquisite richness with respect to information and transmission." (2)

Most people are capable of being highly sensitive instruments, once they have taken the appropriate steps to clear their circuits of distortions. Common distortions are caused by X-rays, wave and electric treatments, pesticides, and in addition all practices that introduce foreign Vivaxes into a person's system.

Ninety percent of ray students who attend classes, learn to record with validity but only after they have taken steps to make all factors right. As a rule, young children and the isolated adults who have NOT been subjected to X-rays or other mutilative treatments, can automatically record during their initial attempts. One such example was a lovely nineteen year old girl who attended the course as a guest for the evening. She had never had an X-ray, so we persuaded her to come before the class. The young novice was able to record with ease the various influences of the different force flows. Her utter amazement was enjoyed by all the students. We say with a strong conviction, "IT IS NORMAL TO BE ABLE TO RECORD." What is not normal is to have the atomic structures of your basic elements disoriented to a point where you are no longer in proper resonance with the energies of your environment.

The reader will realize as we move further into the subject, that a person's recording ability is directly related to the energy flow emanating from the basic element arrangement in the bone structure. Most of our information is received through using our hands held in our energy skirt. Wires are seldom used anymore, except occasionally in research to determine fixed wave vectors of various elements. Even then the elements that are included in the material of the recording wires have to be taken into consideration.

Experience and an adequate working knowledge of all the forces involved are required in order to evaluate and interpret the meaning of one's recording responses.

This is a vast field that extends into every facet of life and requires tremendous study time. Once the student is able to record and familiarize himself with the characteristic vibrations of an element, he can then, with the tip of his receiving finger, pinpoint the same element in areas of his bone structure. When a student is first informed of this technique of obtaining information, his initial reaction is one of utter disbelief. Ironically, the telltale frequency responses of elements are strong and readily detected by the average recorder. He soon realizes it does not take special talent, it is just being normal.