Life is beautiful and need never be dull for those who have the wisdom to explore their role in the Universal energy scheme. The research of the Vivaxis Energies International Research Society is focused on basic environmental energies; forces that stimulate vital life-giving wave motions which are recorded emana ting from every normal and healthy person. The Society's motto summarizes our objectives, "Remove energy obstructions that hinder healing. Reinstate a strong wave field in our bone structure and we will find health is there all the time. The knowledge of the wavelengths of our Vivaxis forces is one important key that makes this objective possible."

Vivaxis is a coined word; Viva - life, axis - centre, "Centre of Life." The energies of Vivaxis are of prenatal origin and the atomic arrangements in the baby's bone structure reflect the geophysical magnetism of the place and time his Vivaxis was creat ed, shortly prior to birth. My findings indicate that the basic elements and compounds in the compact bone structure of the fetus align in a fixed arrangement. Probably under the influence of the specific force flows that created the Vivaxis. More significantly, the fixed arrangement of the elements is found to be repeated in the same identical permanent sequence throughout all normal functioning memory tracks in the cranium. The pattern, like one's finger prints, is individual.

Health comes on many levels, with various disciplines contributing their specialized parts in effecting cures. Our organization does not treat disease, we teach basic fundamentals of life's energies that our research has proved to be essential for optimum health.

Chemists within the framework of our Society have used blood samples to monitor the beneficial effects of saturating the system temporarily with Vivaxis energies to counteract toxic conditions. A typical chemists report is detailed in Vivaxis Manual, Part 5.

To date, we have succeeded in identifying five life forces that work in resonance with each other. The Vivaxis force is the most important of all, for our tests indicate the brain operates on the same wavelengths as those of the individual's Vivaxis. However, the brain requires a proper balance of all its supporting energies to work at top efficiency.

Regardless of the method of treating disease, all disciplines can benefit by humbly exploring the underlying energy patterns that have existed since life first appeared on earth. To treat without the knowledge of these basic fundamentals, can be compared to the continual patching of the cracks in the plaster walls while the foundations of the house are crumbling.

The techniques of recording and evaluating may be mastered by the average person, but only after he has taken the appropriate steps to clear his circuit from distorting influences.

It has taken many years of experimentation to devise methods so the average person can reliably receive information of the five different energy forces in his environment; forces vitally affecting the normal flow of energies in his bone structure.

We refer to the force flow emanating from the energy waves in our bone structure as our "energy skirt" and we use our hands held in our energy skirt to receive wave stimulus. For example, we often use our eyes to absorb specific wave stimulus. The stimulus absorbed through the eyes is then transferred to eye receptors located in the tips of the fingers and in turn is recorded by the stimulated motion of the hands kept within the confines of the energy skirt. Recording by the foregoing method is only possible because of the energy skirt phenomenon.

There is a great deal to learn about recording with the hands and eyes in order to receive reliable information that can be utilized constructively. Fish, animals and birds in their natural habitat, have sensitized their systems to utilize these forces. Unfortunately, civilization has desensitized man to a point where he is often unaware of weakening and destroying the very forces within himself that nature implanted to work so harmoniously for him.

Our students are taught to evaluate and record various aspects which enhance their flow and likewise the effects of those that disrupt the integrity of their flow. A good percent of our students are able to accurately determine which elements are present in an area of bone and more important if the elements are in atomic resonance. The student is also taught how to reinstate the proper balance when indicated. This feat is largely possible through the knowledge of the wavelengths and frequencies associated with each element. We have consistently observed the correlation between a malfunction in the body and a lack of a normal wave field in the bone structure.

Making corrections to our wave field is a "Do it yourself" project. Nobody touches you, no one channels energy into your circuit, and no instruments are used. Sea salt and ice are natural elements that are sometimes used as aids to reinstate a field into areas of bone. The main requirement is adequate knowledge.

We feel it is a reasonable assumption to say that much of the misery and tragedy in the world today is the result of the ignorance of natural life forces. Civilization tends to introduce factors that distort the natural flow of life's energies upon which our physical and mental well-being vitally depends.

Only those who have explored are capable of judging and becoming fully aware of the tremendous potentials available to them.