To the man who is seeking we direct our words, So he may find his Vivaxis like the migratory birds. But the man who is taught against his will, Simply retains the same opinion still.

The message does not imply that we should all be garbage collectors by believing everything we hear, but it does imply we should learn to search with open minds. If the day ever comes when I think I know all the answers, I can be sure it will be because I am not asking myself the right questions.

Probably, many readers at this point are mentally asking the question, "What is my Vivaxis?" For those who desire an in-depth answer, the subject is covered comprehensively in the Vivaxis loose-leaf Manual (1). The following is only a brief summary -A Vivaxis is created when a group of ambient forces relative to both time and place are drawn into a common core. A sudden fusion of forces that are grounded to the earth, generally grounded through a solid that is a suitable conductor. The atomic particles within the Vivaxis energy sphere become literally aligned and magnetized to the geophysical field in which the Vivaxis is created. Tests illustrate that a Vivaxis energy sphere remains vibrating in resonance to the magnetism of the earth at that specific geographic point. The solid can be removed but the Vivaxis sphere remains as a permanent energy package. This is where the story begins of magnetism and life's magnetic energies.

An important arrangement of the basic elements in the compact bone of the fetus appears to take place at the time the Vivaxis is created. This element arrangement gives the fetus a lifetime individual energy pattern that normally is repeated throughout his bone structure. The magnetizing of energies causes a wave link to be established between the Vivaxis and its entity; a wave link that remains constant regardless of distance.

This book deals with the science of memory and covers material that is new in its concepts. We refer only briefly to matters covered in my other publications and endeavour to avoid repeating subject matter previously given coverage in the Vivaxis Manual.* The latter deals with the essential subject matter and includes: (a) Clearing one's circuits of the effects of X-rays and wave links to foreign Vivaxes. (b) Locating one's Vivaxis channel, (c) Channelling. (d) Techniques of recording and evaluating, (e) Other related subjects.

The prime objective of this book is to present a model of the forces and design responsible for normal memory function. As time progresses the model will probably have additions and subtractions, but for the present it is proving to be basically workable. It is a model we can use as a guide to trace and correct areas responsible for weak or poor memory.

*- Nixon, Frances. Vivaxis Loose-leaf Manual, Magnetic Publishers, P.O. Box 718, Chemainus, B.C. VOR 1K0