The author's purpose for the past eighteen years has been to establish a skeletal framework for the design of energies that account for our existence. This includes the design responsible for the ability to record and remember events in our lives.

The acceptance of any scientific investigation requires that the results must be confirmed by other workers; workers who have the knowledge and ability to adequately explore. My basic findings have been consistently confirmed and constructively utilized by members of the Vivaxis Energies Research Society. We owe a great debt of gratitude to all those members of the Research Society who for years diligently explored and confirmed each new aspect of Vivaxis energies as it was found.

"VIVAXIS is the most important discovery in the second half of this century." This is the opinion expressed in a lecture by a doctor of physics, a member of our Research Society.

The discovery of a Vivaxis is the basic truth upon which all subsequent research has been built. Without this basic knowledge, my research would have ended in a dead end street. Instead, we have progressed with consistent results, to the point that we can with confidence present basic facts of memory, that to my belief have never been known before.

From a New Jersey Vivaxis Research member comes this letter of encouragement with these words of understanding and rare wisdom -

You are going through the complexity stage now. Don't be discouraged by people not interested or understanding a technique that will eventually be the greatest gift to all mankind. There is no other answer to human suffering in all its phases.

Since we are energy beings, heaven on earth is utilizing this energy with wisdom for ourselves and all mankind.

In anything worthwhile one must go thru complexity to get to simplicity when it then can be assimilated by the layman. - Hayden Preston

Although this book is relatively December 25th. 1977 small in size, it has required a tremendous amount of research to understand the underlying complexities and reduce them to simplicities that can be understood by the layman.

Time will eventually run out for man unless he learns to understand nature's laws and work within their bounds.