The centre memory tracks consist of elements of the Fifth Life Force. The arrangement and sequence of elements is characteristic of the individual and is repeated from left to right in the same sequence in each of his memory tracks. The elements oriented to the solunar flow also have variations characteristic of the person. The memory tracks have a stimulated wave motion during memory input and during the period of memory recall. Each track has two bars of dual solunar elements. In one individual the solunar elements in the memory bars might be nickel and manganese. In this event, the nickel bar becomes stimulated only while information is ibeing fed into the memory track. Its mate, manganese, on the reverse side of the memory track, only becomes stimulated during memory recall. A similar phenomenon is observed in the magnetic and gravitational groups. The magnetic groups located between the memory tracks, become stimulated when information is being fed into the tracks. The gravitational groups situated above and below the memory tracks, become stimulated during memory recall. Both groups play opposite roles that are vital to the memory mechanism.


/// = All known elements oriented to the Fifth - Life Force (memory track)

+++ = Dual elements oriented to the Fourth - Life Force (memory bar)

* = Magnetic group

@ = Gravitational group


Samples showing variations in element arrangements between two different people: A's memory track - iodine, oxygen, potassium, silica, zinc, silver, chromium, gold, magnesium, sulphur. B's memory track - chromium, oxygen, potassium, iodine, silica, zinc, gold, magnesium, sulphur, silver.




The positions in the diagram are relative. They are located on both sides of the cranium.

Diagram 6 illustrates my model for the basic element arrangement of the memory tracks within the bone structure. The approximate position for many of the memory tracks are shown in Diagram 7. We observe energy operating the mechanism of the memory tracks through five main sources of influence, namely:

1 - The Magnetic group

2 - The Gravitational group

3 - The dual elements of the memory bars oriented to the Fourth Life Force

4 - All the known elements that absorb energies from the Fifth Life Force band of frequencies.

5 - Communication brain receptors.

With our present knowledge we have the required information enabling us to reinstate the memory tracks, the connecting Magnetic and Gravitational groups, and the solunar dual element bars. All play key roles in the memory mechanism.

In the days before we were aware of the elements in the Fifth Life Force band, we were limited in our potentials for repairs, but nevertheless our former approaches were capable of reinstating the very important magnetic groups connecting the memory tracks.

Many of us find it is fascinating to record the definite role the environmental forces play through the medium of our elements. As an example, one of the two bars, flanking all my own memory tracks, consist entirely of nickel atoms, which are moon oriented. When information is being fed into my memory tracks, the moon's influences are recorded travelling in a direction from right to left. During memory recall, the sun oriented manganese bar becomes activated with a wave flow in the opposite direction, from left to right.

TESTS - to confirm that the compact bone in the track is actually storing the information like a magnetic tape.

When the item being recalled in one's memory is small in its wave message content, only the first portion of the memory track records the message. Furthermore, even though the memory thought is repeated continuously for a time interval of several seconds, the stimulation is confined to the first section of the track during memory recall. One such test was conducted by the author recalling a configuration of three dots spaced closely together. Further evidence that the cranium bone stores the information is given in chapter 11.

We have to first establish what is normal before we are fully aware of the areas to concentrate on when our memories are weak. For those who acquire understanding of the individuality of their energy circuit, it becomes infinitely more interesting as additional facts accumulate.

At this stage of my research, I have consistently observed that the horizontal waves of magnesium and sulphur, within our system, act as wave carriers by imprinting other wave patterns on their structure and transporting information from one area to another. For example, the eyeballs have an overall wave field that responds to the horizontal wave stimulus of magnesium and sulphur.

Up to this point in the book the author's model has only included a normal energy pattern where all factors are right. If all our elements were in resonance and in balance our story would end here but instead our story is just beginning. Deviations from the expected invariably alert the researchers to investigate further for what is required for the model. In order to be valid the model must remain consistent with the underlying design observed to date. Unfortunately, civilized man has disoriented nature's original design to such an extent that deviations in most people have become the rule and this researcher was not altogether an exception.

It was only due to the fact the author had managed to avoid the disruptive effects of routine X-rays, that she was originally able to record effectively enough to discover some of nature's fundamental energy designs of life; including a Vivaxis. While exploring deeply into the memory brain area she discovered the Fifth Life Force flow, but at that time her own energy system was out of resonance with the many wave frequencies of the Fifth Life Force. It was puzzling to her that as she aligned to its force flow an energy wave rejection was encountered; a rejection that continued as she tilted her head back into the flow. The rejection made itself manifest in several ways - a telltale conflicting motion of her recording hands and later, several hours after exposure, a most unaccustomed tingling burning sensation in areas of the right ankle and heel.

It was the latter discomfort that eventually made me smarten up. The painful discomfort would continue for days. In order to be thoroughly convinced it was the Fifth Life Force energy flow that was the cause of my misery, I repeatedly subjected myself to its energies, only to be confronted each time with the same miserable results. It was rather like hitting your head with a hammer to find out how nice it felt when you stopped. When some of my students were alerted to this phenomenon, they experimented and experienced the same rejection. Misery likes company , especially in this case,where it gave us substantial proof of a factor that affected us all adversely.