There are times when injury and trauma are so severe that the creation of a new Vivaxis is literally required to provide a new life line. One such case involves a couple,Ron Collison and his wife Pat. They both faithfully signed up for each new session of Vivaxis classes. Ron's progress to sensitize himself in recording his elements' responses will never cease to amaze me. After I relate the hurdles he has had to overcome, the reader will understand the reasons.

Mr.& Mrs. Ron Collinson

Mr.& Mrs. Ron Collinson.

During December, 1965, Ron was working as a faller at Port Renfrew, B.C. In an effort to save a fellow worker from a large falling tree, Ron was hit by the tree as it crashed to the ground. Most of the force of the impact was on his helmet protected head, although he also suffered shoulder and back injuries as a result of the impact. He was rushed to the hospital in Victoria where holes were drilled in his head to remove blood clots. He was unconscious for several days. During that time Pat stayed constantly beside him. Holding his hand, words of love and encouragement flowed continuously from her lips. Love is a very powerful energy force and in my estimation Pat supplied the force required to give her unconscious mate a new Vivaxis and a new, "life line."

There is one dramatic record of a house painter who fell from a great height and suffered such concussion that he remained unconscious for two weeks and had to be intravenously fed. After a week in this condition, all the creases in his hands vanished as though they had been wiped off with a sponge - and then, as he regained consciousness, the lines gradually reappeared. (9)

We have no record of such a phenomenon in Ron's case, but we do record the evidence that both Pat and Ron are now linked into a common Vivaxis and the energy changes probably have been reflected in the lines of Ron's hands.

In January, the doctor operated on Ron's head, cutting the top of his skull open in a horse shoe shape to remove bone slivers. The depression is still very much in evidence. As though this was not enough to endure, he also suffered two fractures of the spine. His injured shoulder is still two inches lower than his other one. Amazed yes! who would not be amazed that any man could undergo so much punishment and today be living a very full and active life ? "Active life", this aspect most likely is one of the contributing factors of his amazing recovery. Ron digs by hand his half acre, compost fed vegetable garden. He powers his own fishing dinghy with a pair of oars. In essence,his sum total of daily exercise far exceeds that of the average man. Logically, this type of down-to-earth exercise would beneficially stimulate the wave fields in his bone structure .

Great credit is due to the doctor whose skills saved Ron's life but credit also has to go to his wife Pat for her part in his recovery

The memory track located on the injured area of Ron's cranium lost its ability to record information after his accident. The question comes to one's mind, "Did the injured and splintered bone retain the information filed into its structure prior to its injury?" The answer to this query gives further proof that the memory messages are filed in the magnetic tapes within the bone structure of the memory tracks. The badly crushed and splintered bone memory track did not retain any information filed before the injury. This is in contrast to other cases where the memory tracks lost their abilities to record, but retained the taped information filed in the track prior to their injury.

In Ron's unusual case the bone was crushed and splintered, and if the previous recordings were filed in the bone of the memory track, then the recordings would logically be destroyed, and "THEY WERE DESTROYED." It would be comparable to a damaged magnetic tape with pieces torn off.