This method is designed to include a wider range of force flows that have only recently been discovered.

The following method of channelling in one's channel includes a method of absorbing all the known force flows to which man's elements are orientated. Reference is made to the atoms of elements in one's bone structure that respond to stimuli of the same frequencies and have one restricted plane of orientation. As an example , carbon and calcium have wavelengths that orientate to true North and South respectively. A VIVAXIS is comprised of an energy package that contains all the following environmental forces which flow in the following directions -

1 - True North and South.

2 - Magnetic North and South.

3 - Fifth Life Force, which is a band of force flows occupying an arc of approximately eight degrees between the directions of true North and magnetic North, and true and magnetic South.

4 - The sun and moon's solunar force flow.


a - Atoms of carbon and calcium absorb energy waves when the head is level.

b - All the elements and compounds that orientate to the 5th. L.F. have characteristically different wavelengths and frequencies that are absorbed into the individual's system at varying angles of head tilt, above the level position.

c - As the head is tilted down below the horizontal in positions 5, 6, 7 and 8, the Universal energies are absorbed first; as the head is lowered further the various elements oriented to the solunar force flow absorb energy.

The energy stimulus received at each new angle is recorded by the free swinging hands.

It is to be expected that all who have had dental work involving freezing injections, drilling and X-rays of the teeth, will record numerous rejections as their heads are tilted at the varying angles. The rejections are due to the disorientation of elements in the bones of the mouth, teeth and jaws, including the hard palate in the roof of the mouth. The central control system has been adversely affected. The first step,therefore,is to reorient all the elements in the bones of the mouth. One's Vivaxis channel can be used effectively for this purpose, providing the person can determine his own channel and is not linked to foreign Vivaxes.

When stimulating bone areas by using a press and release technique, press with one hand, and at the same time release pressure with the other hand. Six cycles on each area of bone is generally sufficient stimulation. If you fail to get results it is probably due to one or both of two reasons:

1 - The stimulation to the bone area was too brief.

2 - You failed to introduce the required wavelengths into the bone while it was still stimulated.

We find the most effective technique is to stimulate the bone while it is subjected to the required force flows. Then, while your hands are held freely by your side, let the bone absorb the force flow for about eight seconds without further stimulation.