1 - Use the thumb to press on the bones of the hard palate. At the same time use your three middle fingers of the other hand to press on the centre top of the cranium. Press alternately, first on the palate then on the cranium. Stimulate both areas as you channel as directed in each of the eight positions, tilting the head at the various designated angles - 4 up and 4 down.

2 - Again channel 4 up and 4 down,this time while chomping your teeth and jaws.

3 - Your objective this time around is to reorient the atoms of the elements in the vertebrae of your neck, including the transverse processes, the side portions of the neck vertebrae. The 5th L.F. energies travel down the side transverse processes. Repeat the 4 up and 4 down channelling while stimulating the vertebrae of the neck.

4 - Your objective this channelling round is to make certain there are no energy blockages in the coccyx (tail bone). Now use the press and release technique on the centre hair whorl of the head and the coccyx,while channelling the eight designated positions. The elements in the entire spinal column will benefit from this exercise.

Step out of your channel, stamp and exercise your feet, using a Charleston motion for the balls of the feet.

The 4 up and 4 down technique of channelling balances the system's energy flows well and can be utilized more often than previous methods of channelling. However, in all instances tolerance depends upon individual energy needs. If too much energy is felt, it can be rapidly dissipated. Method: place a small portion of dry bicarbonate of soda in a Kleenex or suitable wrap. Hold it for three seconds on all centre points; top of head, roof of mouth, bridge of nose (between the eyebrows), bilateral point at the centre back of the head and against the bone areas directly above the ears,on the same parallel as the bridge of the nose. Discard the soda immediately after using.

Experience will teach you how to evaluate which elements are disorientated in a bone area. Testing can be done while out of your 4 channelling positions and your head is tilted at varying angles. Testing will also be more valid if you avoid being in the direct force flow of any of the four other mentioned force flows in your environment.

Channelling The 4 Up And 4 Down Method

4 Up

Start channelling facing into your Vivaxis towards position No. 1.

Start with your head level and very slowly tilt it back as far as it will go. Next, gradually return it to the level position. During this entire exercise it is essential to use the full power of your brain and concentrate on bringing energy into your system.

Hands are allowed to swing freely by your sides - eyes closed.

Next, turn right (clockwise) into positions 2, 3, and 4 and repeat the same exercise in each position.

You are now ready to start the 4 down routine.

4 Down

Return to your original position facing into your Vivaxis channel, which is now position 5.

Start with your head level and very gradually tilt it down until your face is parallel with the ground. Next slowly return your head to the level position.

During this entire exercise, it is essential to use the full power of your brain and concentrate on bringing energy into your system.

Hands are allowed to swing freely by your sides - eyes closed.

Next, turn left (counterclockwise) into positions 6, 7, and 8, and repeat the same exercise in each position.

Follow the channelling by exercising briefly and then neutralize. Press both hands against a surface that is in direct contact with the ground.

This method of channelling is designed to take in a more complete spectrum of force flows than former methods. It therefore replaces methods used prior to November, 1977.

Looking for something new

Dia. 7. Looking for something new?.

The reader is naturally eager to start looking for his own Vivaxis channel. If he is as fortunate as the birds,who have not been subjected to the mutilative effects of X-rays, then the chances are good that he will be able to readily locate it.

Preliminary requirements for channelling and deter-ming your correct prenatal channel are covered in depth in the Vivaxis loose-leaf Manual. Channelling to your Vivaxis is only recommended for those who are familiar with all aspects and have taken appropriate steps to clear their circuits.

You are only ready to channel when you can readily determine your own prenatal channel and can differentiate between it and possible foreign Vivaxes to which you might have become wave linked. These wave links to foreign Vivaxes are created by many of today's therapeutic practices, a topic covered in the Manual.

Another person should not be expected to take the responsibility of determining your correct Vivaxis channel for you. You have your own specific element arrangement that puts your individual signature on your own Vivaxis energies.