Research into memory has been an extremely challenging project. The average person's initial reaction to our memory research is inclined to be one of rejection. The idea that one could account for the hidden forces that are responsible for memory is incomprehensible to most people. Yet, once they know where and how to look, they soon find the forces are anything but hidden. Perhaps we are required to set our sights high before we are capable of achieving feats that formerly appeared completely beyond our reach. The research into memory has opened up an unprecedented new understanding of our whole body. Reference is mainly to my initial discoveries of the interplay between magnetic groups and gravitational groups. Not only are these two groups essential to memory, they are equally important to the mechanism of the entire body. Much of our future research will be devoted to this vital aspect of our energy field.

Every year some of the mysteries of the preceeding year are solved and new ones, once thought beyond the expectations of solution,appear within reach. To fully appreciate the current discoveries in their full concept, the reader will find it helpful to become familiar with the fund of knowledge already ac-cumlated in the Vivaxis Manual.

Every sailor requires a properly charted course in order to steer in the right direction. As the author concludes this book she is charting the direction she feels she should now steer. POINTS FOR CONSIDERATION -

1 - Eighteen years spent developing the science to its present stage has made her an experienced authority on the subject.

2 - She only has a limited number of productive years ahead and for the next ten years, from 1978 to 1988 her objective will be to distribute the knowledge to areas where it will do the most good for the largest number of people.

3 - We will concentrate, particularly on courses for professional people who have the background training to supplement the science of memory and Vivaxis. In this regard we suggest that nature oriented doctors are among those who are well qualified to utilize much of the knowledge contained within this book.

4 - Those who desire Vivaxis therapeutic help have two avenues open to them. (a) Learn through the Vivaxis Manuals to help themselves. (b) Persuade their therapist to take a Vivaxis course and in turn guide them and others in its usage.

Neither time or the laws permit me to give individual therapy.

As at this date of January 1978, a completely revised section of the Manual is scheduled. The section will include the utilization of the many new aspects of element orientation discussed in this book. The loose-leaf Manual is available through the mail order dept. of Magnetic Publishers, P.O. Box 718, Chemainus, B.C. Canada VOR 1K0 .


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