In most instances you have a choice of a good memory or a poor memory. The food you eat, the exercise you take, and the mental approach you to take to life, are all essential to health, as well as to an alive memory. In short, a toxic condition temporarily impairs the memory mechanism.

The trend today is to take substitute trace minerals and in many cases with beneficial results. Yet, in our observations, the oral doses fail to replace or correct the essential atomic balance in the organized arrangement of elements embedded permanently in the bone structure. The question arises, " Is there a relationship between the need for substitute trace elements and the disruption to the atomic balance of elements in the bone structure?"

Kay Fort in attended several Vivaxis night courses. Kay is a prime example of a person who endured incredible suffering, largely due to ignorance of basic laws of energies. When Kay first attended night school her eyes literally bulged from the pressure behind them. We give her full marks for using her own initiative in utilizing her Vivaxis energies to restore the energy flow to normal. We make it clear to all students that we do not treat but it is their prerogative to learn to apply the laws of natural energies to themselves .

They should have a choice and only education can give them that choice. Ignorance could have condemned Kay to a continued life of misery and suffering. Instead,she is now leading a full and useful life as a wife and mother of three. Kay writes her own story as follows:

I had visions of becoming a permanent cripple. I had terrible moments of anger and depression as a result of waking up every morning with violent headaches and carrying these headaches through the day, fogged by 692s. My eyes would pop out with pressure and just the light of day would be blinding. My mental processes were not functioning properly and I was in a constant daze. The headaches would total approximately twenty days out of the month. I went to doctors, specialists, and X-rays were taken only to be told I had a degenerative disc at the top of my spine. This would progressively grow worse. I would eventually have to wear a collar. My doctor jokes about old age (after all I was 39) and also that it was just growing pains.

Kay Fortin

Kay Fortin.

I was scheduled for further X-rays at Victoria Hospital in February 1976 whereupon they proceeded to tilt me upside down on an X-ray table, strapped by the ankles, to allow the fluid injection in my spine to flow down to my skull, and enable them to take pictures. Another day, wires were taped to my head (similar to an octopus) to record the brain waves. Once again, I was tranquilized for more extensive X-rays and wheeled into an operating room. I was injected with another instant-acting needle and succumbed immediately only to wake up to a 100 lb.head that lay on the bed with me (mine of course). At this stage of the game, I didn't know where I was located and felt more miserable than ever. I realized I felt worse now than when I arrived and that didn't make sense to me. I wanted out before I remained there permanently. My husband so kindly listened to my pleas to escape as I was now scheduled for an operation to remove the disc. The doctor was furious with me but then admitted I wouldn't have been the same after an operation of this sort, so conceded to my leaving. I lay on my back all the way home from Victoria to Lake Cowichan and stayed that way for three weeks, continuing to do my household chores slithering around the house like a snake and had to crash to the floor every few minutes to make the excruciating pain in my head subside .

I eventually worked my way to a sitting position after two weeks and through sheer determination. After three weeks I was able to get out in my car to go shopping, only to race back home and throw myself on the floor until the pain went away. After the pain of those X-rays ceased, I was now back to the original headaches I had previously, so nothing was really accomplished.

Then I read "Vivaxis, Spiral of Life" and Magnetically Yours", by Frances Nixon. I attended her ten week course in Duncan to learn more about life's energies and how they affected your phy-scial and mental well-being.

Call it witchcraft if you like, I call it a bloody relief.

I no longer have headaches or pressure behind my eyes, my personality seems to have changed, my eyes are much clearer and I no longer have the expression of pain on my face. My husband said I look ten years younger! and by God I feel it!

I found out that the cause of the headaches was due to three motorcycle escapades, one of which I was riding over a washed out road filled with large boulders and decided it was a cinch to conquer, only to have my bike go out of control. I shot over the rocks, landed on the back of my head and saw stars. This was approximately five years ago and my headaches had started after that.

Kay Fortin, December Sth., 1976

Kay later attended the memory course and was able to determine through her recording, that the memory tracks located on the back of her cranium, had lost their ability to record events occurring since her last motorcycle accident.

For man to mutilate life's intricate design of atomic structure with highly ionizing radiations, is a sacrilege that casts an ugly reflected shadow on our earth and on mankind.

We do have a choice through avoiding practices that destroy the integrity of nature's design.

George Giricz

George Giricz.

George Giricz learnt that he had a choice of either suffering from chronic allergies and sinuses or through the knowledge of Vivaxis correcting the condition. He chose the latter course.

Today, it is difficult to associate George with a person who originally could not record and suffered with a severe sinus condition. He was a conscientious student and contributed tremendously during the classes including the memory courses. He is now an excellent example of man's ability to sensitize himself to the responses of his own elements, relative to his environmental forces. More importantly,he has the ability to interpret their meaning, a feat that requires experience plus a high IQ. Further, George now has the knowledge required to reinstate his memory tracks, if and when the need arises, thereby increasing his potentials in his future life.

Marion Powling

Marion Powling.

Marion Powling discovered,at an age when more than half of her life was still ahead of her, that, "she too had a choice." Marion's choice was literally, "To see or not to see." The desperate young woman related her predicament to a class that listened in shocked silence. She described how she had undergone two operations a few years ago. Both operations were designed to alleviate migraine headaches. The surgery involved a technique of freezing the nose and bones around the right eye socket. Marion claimed the operations did little to deter painful headaches but they did cause alarming side effects; including gradual loss of sight. Blind spots were developing in her right eye and her eyesight had deteriorated to a point that caused both she and her doctor to become very alarmed. The right eye socket bone instead of being firm and hard, had a mushy soft texture. As this detrimental condition was demonstrated to the class, I questioned, "What other conditions are we apt to find in the bone?" "NO FIELD IN THE BONE," the students correctly chorused. In essence,the elements in the affected bones had been atomically disrupted, consequently their frequencies were out of resonance with their normal source of energy supply.

Fortunately, the elements in the eye socket bone are not the sole source of energy supply to the eyeball. Nevertheless, their lack of supply was capable of seriously impairing Marion's sight, causing frequent pain and swelling in and around her right eye. After the elements in the injured bones were reoriented, the former pain and swelling condition completely disappeared. It is now two years since Marion reinstated the atomic balance of the elements in her bones and recent eye tests have shown there has been no further deterioration in her sight since that time. Her own recording ability enabled her to determine that the memory track above the right eye lost its ability to record information. The memory blank dated from the time of the first operation and up to the time she reoriented the elements in the track.

Marion reports that with Vivaxis knowledge she has reoriented several other areas of the cranium that lacked normal energy flow. The results have shown her that she does have a choice. She can now live a normal life without the agony of torturous migraine headaches and equally important without the terrifying threat of total blindness. "So little can do so much," yet "so much can be destroyed, through ignorance of fundamental element arrangement."

Another student in the night class found Vivaxis education gave her the choice of clarity of thought as opposed to confused thinking. While a bright six year old child, she suffered a severe illness, with a side effect of inflammation of the brain, encephalitis. After reinstating the normal atomic order in the elements of the cranium,she wrote a heartfelt letter describing how much clearer her head felt and she commented, "When you have liv£d with a mud-dleheaded feeling you don't know you can feel different. I now feel so sorry for people who don't know that they can feel different."