In my estimation, a person's individuality in the arrangement of elements in his memory tracks and other areas of bone, reflect the influences of the environmental forces relative to the particular time and place where his Vivaxis was created. One of the most moving experiences of my life was testing the wave link between a baby and his newly created Vivaxis. The baby, at the time, was unborn but restless in the close confines of his mother's womb.

Tracy and Shawn with their mother

Tracy and Shawn with their mother, Mrs. Pat Johnson

Having attended adult night classes, the mother, Pat Johnson, was well aware of the reality and importance of her own Vivaxis. She could readily locate the channel to her Vivaxis and on many occasions had effectively used Vivaxis methods to direct energy to non energy areas, including several of her memory tracks. During her pregnancy Pat was a pioneer in research and to my knowledge, has the distinction of becoming the first woman to determine when her baby's Vivaxis was actually created.

Pat had been alerted to detect a possible chemical change around the seventh or eight month of pregnancy. On the night of the new moon, November 12th. , she felt a peculiar hot, tingly sensation in her hands and feet. At this point of time, she got out of bed and in the living room started to record her elements' responses to the various force flows in her environment. When she came to record magnetic North and South, her responses ceased abruptly. For a brief interval Pat felt an unusual sensation; her arms had a numb heavy feeling as though they did not belong to her. When the sensation passed and her arms regained their normalcy, so did her ability return to record the force flows.

Pat had pinpointed the position in the room where this event had occurred and was overjoyed when I offered to confirm what she felt might be the baby's newly created Vivaxis.

Detecting the wave link between an unborn baby and his Vivaxis was a new experience for me and I might add a very beautiful experience. I held the centre of my receiving (left) hand over the place that Pat had pinpointed. The recording wire, held in my right hand,swung with unusual vigor with a fixed wave vector homing directly towards the pregnant mother's navel, indicating that my left hand had located the position of the unborn's Vivaxis. I was careful to make each recording very brief. Tests conducted when Pat was out of my sight were definite in their confirmation of the position of the Vivaxis. The mother and baby would turn twice and the recording wire with the usual four second delay, would turn twice also. If I moved my receiving hand a few inches from the centre of the Vivaxis, the recording wire lost all wave motion and direction.

Soren Bruce Johnson was born November 28th. 1977, fifteen days after his Vivaxis was created.

Many times I have tested the wave link to a baby and his Vivaxis, but not before birth; several of my previous publications described these experiences. One noteworthy fact is that the baby's wave link flows vertically up or down from the centre of his Vivaxis and then in a horizontal wave train to him. Consequently, in the event that Pat and the baby were located on an elevation below that of his Vivaxis, I would not have detected the wave train with my receiving hand held above his Vivaxis.

The experience of detecting the wave link between the unborn child and his Vivaxis made a profound impression on me. It was sheer beauty of creation the new pulsating life energy that I recorded through the wave link; a wave link connecting the unborn baby to his Vivaxis. My first reaction was one of elation, but was then replaced by a genuine sense of sadness, "How could man in the face of all this evidence be so insensitive and unaware of the laws of creation that link him so beautifully with the magnetism of the earth and Universe?"

Pat also participated in the memory class research project. During the course she located four memory tracks on her face that had ceased recording when she was a young girl of thirteen. Pat was able to trace back the tracks' malfunctions to an occasion when she fell out of a top bunk, hitting her face on a suitcase as she crashed to the floor.

Her tracks have since been reinstated and are recording wel enough to give her one hundred percent in a recent government memory test. "I went through high school as one of the dummies and look what I am really capable of. I wish I had known these simple laws years ago." This was a comment made by Pat, and shared by many.

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