I have no recollection who originated the saying, "Mystery only exists until replaced with understanding." In any event it is an appropriate saying, containing truth and substance.

To arrive at the stage of understanding the mysteries of memory has required over eighteen years of constant and persistent research; persistent to the point where it necessitated excluding all else from my life that subtracted from the objective. The knowledge of Vivaxis energies was essential for the development of this science. The foundation was originally laid through my discovery of a Vivaxis. The revelations that followed, including those of memory, have all been built on and around the knowledge of the organized design of energies associated with a Vivaxis.

Although the background knowledge of Vivaxis provided the essential building blocks necessary to explore memory, the really essential clue to the mystery of memory was not found until my discovery during December, 1976; namely, "Basic atoms of elements and compounds in our bone structure work in defined pairs and their atoms are oriented to specific natural force flows in our environment." The important factor in this observation is that when the atoms of the elements within the bone are properly oriented to the force flow of the same frequency, they absorb energy from the waves emanating from that source. These energies are in turn reflected in the brain, muscles, glands, and soft tissues underlying the bone structure. In contrast, when the elements' atoms have some of their constituent atomic particles disrupted, the former are no longer able to absorb the energy waves from their normal source. The absence of the normal energy wave flow adversely affects the cells of the bone and the adjacent tissues; often resulting in local areas of bone being quite sore when pressed. Prolonged periods of element disruptions are usually associated with body malfunctions. These facts are repeatedly confirmed through research projects. Tests are conducted, so that we deliberately take steps to reorient atoms of a specific element within a bone area, that failed to respond to the stimulus of the force flow of the frequency corresponding to its own. The before and after results tell a very factual story and give substantial proof of my hypothesis. Many of the stories that give proof are told in this book.

energy wave beams

In the diagram, the energy wave beams (light area) represent; two related force flows of carbon and calcium atoms in an energy exchange with the centrifugal force flow from true North and South. The centre dot represents the centre point of a person as he faces directly towards true North. He would be required to face sideways to the North or South flow in order to absorb the energy waves into side areas of bone. - This model applies to other life force flows but they have different elements that respond to their specific frequencies. One's own Vivaxis channel is the only channel that stimulates a wave response in all known elements of the human body. In a Vivaxis all the life forces are combined in a permanent energy sphere, and they come into the system at a wide variation of angles of tilt, a fact that has to be taken into consideration when channelling.

My first realization of the ability of the atoms of elements to orient to specific force flows, came as I researched the possibility of carbon atoms being a factor in the recording mechanism of our memory. Ironically, subsequent tests showed that carbon was not one of the primary elements found in the memory track, but it did lead to my initial awareness of the orientation of elements. In the hope of observing the reaction of carbon's wavelength on the human energy wave system, I handed my husband a container of carbon and requested he visually absorb its wavelength. While scanning and recording the reaction to his wave field, I was surprised to record a stimulated moving wave emanating from his main bone structure. Testing the orientation of the powdered carbon revealed an energy wave flow with a fixed wave vector to true North. This phenomenon made me realize that it was the carbon absorbing an energy wave from the centrifugal force flow emanating from true North. This was my first intimation that an element oriented to a specific force flow and absorbed energy from the flow.

Similar tests conducted with students attending the adult education night classes revealed another important aspect of these energies, "Areas of bone that had been X-rayed lacked the energy wave flow." Unless of course, some means had been taken to correct the side effects of the radiation through reorienting the carbon atoms.

There are niney-two chemical elements that occur in nature, but the same small selection of sixteen form the basis of all living matter. One of the sixteen, carbon plays a central role because of its ability to form complex chains and rings that can be built into an immense number of compounds --- Living systems consist of highly organized matter; they create order out of disorder, but it is a constant battle against the process of disruption. Order is maintained by bringing in energy from outside to keep the system going. So biochemical systems exchange matter with their surroundings all the time, they are open, thermodynamic processes, as opposed to the closed thermostatic structure of ordinary chemical reactions. (3)

Dr. Lyall Watson's comments are timely and can be appropriately applied "to our findings relative to element orientation, and Vivaxis.

Prior to this I had only associated a moving wave with a wave restricted to one plane, which was created when a person aligned to a force flow of a specific frequency ; for example, aligning towards the directions of True North or South, Magnetic North or South, or the channel direction towards his Vivaxis; refer to Diagram 1. Previously we had observed the influences of the force flow without full realization of the "ELEMENTS' that caused the stimulation. Generally, when a person is NOT subjected to the influences of a specific frequency, energy waves are recorded flowing in all directions out of his force field. In contrast, if he is subjected to the wavelength of one specific element, e.g. carbon, his wave field becomes restricted to one plane, oriented to true North, in the same manner that it would be if he aligns into the channel direction of North. Subsequently, we will use the terminology "plane oriented wave".

Calcium in the form of chalk was tested and found to create a plane oriented wave towards true South. It was therefore established that the elements carbon and calcium in combination work as a team, with dual plane oriented waves towards North and South respectively. In tests, when an individual concentrates on the wavelengths and frequencies of both carbon and calcium combined, the same dual plane oriented wave response is recorded in his wave field. If two elements or compounds with unrelated frequencies are combined they do not stimulate either a plane oriented wave or a dual plane oriented wave. At this stage of reading, please do not make the mistake of oversimplifying the attraction of elements as merely negative and positive.

It should now help the reader and the author to have two terms of reference to describe the wave behaviour of elements;

1 - A single element stimulates a "plane oriented wave".

2 - Dual elements with attracting frequencies stimulate "dual plane oriented waves", that travel in the same channel but in opposite directions. According to physicists, the energy waves we are recording have many properties of electromagnetic waves but in certain other respects have characteristics that differ. It is therefore expedient to select our own terminology and avoid using terms that are used exclusively in the electromagnetic field. As an example, "plane polarized waves", are defined as - the process of restricting waves of light or other electromagnetic radiation to one plane. Most of us are inclined to relate everything to what is already known. A true scientist and researcher will tell you this is not the way to make new discoveries. What today appears to be a foreign language, becomes part of tomorrow's accepted vocabulary. This is the history of nearly all new discoveries.

Scientists and doctors are continually searching for the energy that motivates our body cells. They have discovered amazing things about chemical workings of the cells in providing electrical currents, but as yet have not found what initially produces this charge. Dr. Wilder Penfield tells us that the human brain contains ten billion nerve cells, that each nerve cell may be able to generate within itself and there is a brain-mind boundary that neurophysiologists recognize and are trying to reach. But as they approach this boundary an impasse is reached beyond which known methods cannot take them. Dr. Penfield points out that Lord Adrian said this problem would finally be "solved by some enlargement of natural science. " Dr. Penfield continues, "We are trying to create that enlargement today, but we must not be too impatient in our desire to complete the quest. After all, it is the revelation of the mystery which was kept secret since the world began that we are seeking. --- And if the day should ever dawn when scientific analysis of body and brain solves the 'mystery', all men who have sought the truth in all sincerity will rejoice alike." (4)

In reference to the concluding thought contained in the quote, many Vivaxis students today are already rejoicing, for they sincerely feel we have found a part of the revelation of the "mystery" to which Lord Adrian refers.

The experience of suddenly meeting a group of unfamiliar relatives en masse may be exhilarating but it is also confusing. In order to avoid confusion we will introduce one related force flow at a time.

Normal responses to your related force flows are dependent upon your basic elements being atomically in correct resonance. We have overwhelming evidence that when the elements are atomically balanced, they respond to, and absorb energy waves from, a force flow with the correct frequency. Injuries, X-rays, and damaging drugs, are common causes for the lack of response. Causes, that must be rectified before the individual's elements respond normally to the five known Life force flows.

Energy waves of specific force flows seek to keep their own identity by selecting defined channels of travel. They also select defined pathways of travel within our systems; as determined by the arrangements of elements in our bone structure.