First - L.F. = Magnetic North and South

Second - L.F. = Vivaxis

All the wavelengths of forces that are normally detected in separate channels of our environment, are combined in an energy package within a Vivaxis sphere. This phenomenon is well illustrated when a tester is aligned in any one of his four channelling positions*; all his elements' atoms respond to the stimuli of the wavelengths of his own Vivaxis channel.

When not within the influences of Vivaxes or other fields, a person's elements normally respond to one of the other four channels in his environment; the specific wave frequency of the force flow that matches the element.

Third - L.F. = True North and South (centrifugal)

Fourth - L.F. = Force flows of the sun and moon.

The lines of force of the sun and moon are recorded at right angles to each other, and at the minor period the sun's line of force is recorded towards the West and the moon's towards the South. At our locale, which is 49 degrees N. latitude and 123 degrees W. longitude, the line of force of the sun gradually moves through an arc of about 22 degrees towards the north, from the minor period to the major period. Hence, at the time of the major period,the direction of the line of force is approximately N. 68 degrees W.. After the major period ,the direction of the force flow gradually returns to the West>which it attains at the following minor period. Throughout the foregoing sequence of events,the recording direction to the moon's flow maintains a right angle to that of the sun's and therefore moves from South to S. 22 degrees West and back again.

* refer to chapter "Channelling".

A minor period lasts between twenty to thirty minutes and a major period lasts between one and a half to two hours. There are two minor periods and two major periods within about a twenty five hour period. We refer to the interval between major and minor periods as "solunar flow period". Our ability to trace the movement of these two flows during solunar flow periods is due to the fact that a few of our specific elements are oriented to, and absorbing energies from,either one of these two force flows; refer to Chart B.

We associate these force flows with gravitational tide raising forces.

Fifth - L.F. = A band of forces midway between Magnetic and True North.

In our locale it is a band of forces occupying an approximate eight degree arc, located midway between magnetic North and true North, and magnetic South and true South.