"N" or "S" opposite the element indicates a North or South wave vector. ( ) indicates duality of elements. The mates for some of the elements shown in the chart have not been determined. The list of elements that absorb energies from the Fourth and Fifth Life Forces are incomplete at this time. In all instances only elements or compounds were selected that responded to the frequencies within our energy circuits., e.g. silica for silicon.

First - L.F. (sodium N.& phosphorus N.& iron S )

Atomic numbers 11 + 15 = 26

Second L.F.

The frequencies that comprise First, Third, Fourth and Fifth Life Forces. All these forces form an energy package in one's Vivaxis. Consequently, all our elements respond to the frequencies of our Vivaxis.

Third - L.F. (carbon N & calcium)

Atomic numbers 6 + 20 = 26

Fourth - L.F. (nickel - sun & manganese - moon )

atomic number 28 + 25 = 53

Fourth - L.F. (copper - sun & lead - moon )

atomic number 29 + 82 = 111

Fourth - L.F. cobalt - sun

atomic number 27

Fifth - L.F. oriented elements

element - atomic number

iodine N. - 53

(oxygen 'N. & potassium S ) - 8 + 19 = 27

(zinc N & silicon) - 30 + 14 = 44

silver - 47

chromium S - 24

gold N - 79

(magnesium & sulphur) - 12 +16 = 28

Once a recorder becomes familiar with the wave frequency of a specific element he can readily pinpoint its position in the bone structure. The atoms of each element radiate wave signals characteristic of their vibration with both horizontal and vertical waves. In contrast, a wave train travelling between elements has only a horizontal OR vertical wave vibration that is characteristic of a specific element, not both. In this way a recorder can differentiate between the position of an element and its wave influence.

The atoms of an element only respond to the force exerted by energy waves of the specific wave frequency characteristic of the element. At the Banff seminar in October 1977, we demonstrated this principle with two tuning forks. Both tuning forks were tuned to middle "C". When one of the tuning forks was struck, the tuning fork located nearby started to vibrate in sympathy, even though it had not been touched - Energy had been exchanged through the medium of waves of the same frequency. In contrast, when we tuned one fork to a different note, say "F", and struck the first tuning fork stilled tuned to "C", there was no responsive vibration felt in the "F" fork.

Students soon find that the same general laws of basic wave behaviour in atoms throughout the Universe, are also enacted within their own systems and thus they are able to relate basic laws in a manner that fascinates them. The difference between life and nonlife is the organized arrangement of elements found throughout living matter; especially surrounding our higher hrain receptors and memory tracks. It is logical that our brain recognizes and responds to the same wavelengths of the elements that surround the brain receptors. If it comes as a surprise to some of us that the elements in our bone structure absorb energies from specific force flows in our environment, maybe the principle described in the following will help our understanding.

The aompressed incandescent gas near the surface of the Sun sends out all colors and therefore all wavelengths of light. When such continuous liqht traverses a layer of cool gas, such as our atmosphere or the atmosphere of Jupiter, the vibrating atoms and molecules are activated and steal from the beam precisely those wavelengths characteristic of their rates of vibration. When we analyse the light with a spectrograph we measure the wavelengths that are missing, and so identify the atomic or molecular thieves who are responsible for the loss. The missing wavelengths appear as dark lines in a spectrum. (5)

A similar phenomenon of wavelengths being robbed from our environment is experienced when a person aligns directly into a specific force flow. As an example, suppose Mr. X aligns towards magnetic North and South. Mr. X's sodium and iron atoms immediately become activated and absorb both horizontal and vertical energy waves from the magnetic North and South force flows. They continue to do so until the atoms of these two elements have reached their energy saturation point. During the interim, persons within a radius of approximately thirty feet are unable to record the normal energy wave response in their sodium and iron atoms. Mr. X has temporarily robbed the two required wavelengths from the environment. This is one reason we discourage channelling in the presence of others.

Channelling to one's Vivaxis, as described in Chapter 12, has by far the most depleting effect on spectators in the vicinity. The reason is apparent, for a wider spectrum of wavelengths are involved and consequently a larger range of the spectator's elements are affected. A spectator capable of recording would find a lack of normal energy wave response in many of his elements.

A person's atoms are normally absorbing wavelengths characteristic of their rate of vibration or frequency, but in far lesser concentration than when he faces directly into a force flow.

Any circumstance that affects the normal energy absorption of our elements also affects our memory mechanism . The effect may be temporary or of long duration. For example, strong and direct exposure to most types of electric and fluorescent lighting inhibits the normal energy wave supply of solunar forces absorbed by such elements as nickel, manganese, copper, lead, and others.

The foregoing remarks are not directed towards lights that are now available and designed to radiate all the spectrum of natural light.



The diagram is a sample of the variations in the angle of head tilt required to stimulate the different atoms of the elements when a person is facing directly into the Fifth Life Force flow. The gaps illustrate elements that are not yet identified, but their stimuli is recorded. The arrangement, sequence of the elements, and the angle of head tilt required to receive responses from specific elements is characteristic of the individual and normally remains consistent for that individual. Thus, the element arrangement for each person differs. Consequently, one individual's iodine atoms might always respond to the frequency of iodine when his head is level and faced into the Fifth Life Force, but another person 's iodine 's atoms would respond only when his head was tilted at a specific angle into the force flow.