I. Time Measurements on the Mounts end on the Lines of Heart end Heed. II. A Model Chart for a complete Hand-Reading, containing a much recommended method to be followed by all amateaurs and conscientious professional Palmists,

Appendix Reading Of Dates On Horizontal Lines 1172

Mr. H. C. Christensen, a resident of Chicago., of Danish parentage, has given lately a great deal of his time to the close study of Modem Palmistry. Following indications obtained from a distinguished English Palmist, he has prepared a most interesting drawing, containing Date Markings on Normally Placed Lines of Head and Heart. 'I understand that this additional method of securing time meas-urements has been verified in numberless cases as proving extremely useful and accurate, I have, therefore, no hesitation in presenting it to my readers, requesting those among them who are competent to discuss such a difficult topic to furnish me with their criticisms, even should they be entirely unfavorable to the proposed scales. I may add that, very lately - in fact, during the month of December, 1897 - Miss Ina Oxenford, the excellent London palmist, honored me with a communication on a similar subject wherein the that that the has reached recently a much closer calculation of dutes than has ever been realized - or even attempted by Desbarrolles, Papus, HeroAllen or even herself or her teacher, Mrs. Kathryn St. Hill. In the meantime, her is Mr. Christensen's Table for the Measurement of Dates on five chief Lines, which I insert without futher explanations, as it needs none.