First. Use a paper about the consistency of that used for typewriting purposes.

Second Procure some gum camphor. Take only a, very small piece of it and place it in a plate.

Third. Light it up with a match, and pass the sheet of paper rapidly over the flame until it becomes a deep black, taking care not to burn the paper or to make it turn yellow by exposing it too long to the flame.

Fourth. Prepare a small cushion, made of tissue paper, clastic under pressure, without being too soft.

Fifth. Place under the top sheet a small oval-shaped pad made of a certain number of extra sheets of paper, and the purpose of which is to fill the hollow of the palm.

Sixth. Place upon this cushion the prepared sheet of paper, and ascertain where the small pad is. Then place the hand, with fingers stretched, upon the sheet, and press softly, but firmly.

Seventh. Before lifting the hand, pass a well-sharpened pencil around the palm and fingers so as to clearly mark their shape.

Eighth. Lift the hand quickly, so as to avoid any rubbing.

Ninth. To preserve this print it will be well to use a Fixatif, which can be procured from any art store. The Fixatif is to be sprayed upon the picture at a distance by means of a blow-pipe or vaporizer.

Tenth. Take an impression of both hands. and see that they are clear, repeating the operation until you get good impressions, showing all the lines, and not having any black spots covering any important features.