Voyages, Unlucky

Broken, crossed, starred, islanded Horizontal Lint's along the Percussion of the Mount, of the Moon. Two lines from the Ras-cette to the Mount of Saturn, crossing each other there.

Warren, Claud; an Englishman; author of "Life Size Outlines of the Hands of Twenty-two Celebrated Persons" (London: 1882).

Weakening of the System, General -Line of Life forked at the Termination - 159.


See Success; Inheritance, etc.

Wearing-Out Of The- System

Very deep Lines, Line of Life tasseled or ending in a series of crosses. Capillary lines drooping from or attached to Line of Life, See Languor.


Case: 183.


Case: 185.

Wife, A Deceiving

Case: 268.

Woman, The New

Square palm; long, knotty fingers. Very short nails. Lines red and deep. The hand furrowed by cross lines. Line of Life and Head widely separated at the start Excessive Mounts of Jupiter and the Sun (Love of notoriety). Mount of Mercury in evidence, "with a strong Mount of the Moon and a much drooping Line of Head. Line of Heart and Mount of Venus Insignificant

Womb Displacement

Case: 171.

Womb Troubles

Case: 154, Woods Joseph: an Englishman; author of "Scientific Palmistry and Its Use" (London: 1897).

Worry Lines

Those Lines of Influence from the Mounts of Venus or Lower Mars or the Line of Life that cross the hand for a little distance only and are not clear enough to be especially read in accordance with the rules set down in pp. 172-193.

Worlds Of The Kabbala, The Three

15. According to Desbarrolles they repre-sent the three elements in the hand: "The Inspirational." the "Mental," the "Material." A whole, most curious system is found deducted from, these principles in "Les Mysteres de la Main" (Paris: 1859), Also in the works of Eliphas Levi. Dr. Papus, M. Decrespe, etc. Without denying marvelous logic of the Master's sonings. it has been found preferable to leave them out of a purely practical work of this kind.

Wound, Dangerous

A black dot on Line of Life. Lines from the first phalanx of the Thumb to the Line of Life.

Wound In The Leg

Case: 97.

Wound, Mortal

Stars or breaks of Lines of Life, Head or Heart when repeated in both hands and with an accompanying break or ominous sign on the Line of Fate.

Yearning Toward Notoriety, Extravagant

Case: 347. Yellow Fever.- - Case: 286.