Types Of Hands, Leading

I, The Psychic (or Pointed) - 57. 2. The Artistic (or Conical) - 59. 3. The Useful (or Square) - 61. 4. The Necessary (or Spatulate) - 63. 5. The Philosophical (or Knotted) - 65. 6. The Elementary - 66. 7. The Artistic-Elementary - 67. 8. The Murderer's - 68. 9. The Idiot's - 69. 10, 11, 12. Mixed Hands - 70. 13. The Woman's - 72. Types of Woman's Types: a. The Dreamer; b. The Emotional; c. The Globe Trotter; d. The Busybody; e. The Drudge; i. The Quicktempered.

Tyrannical Disposition

First Finger too long. Long, hard nails. First phalanx of the Thumb exaggerate. Exaggerate Mount of Jupiter. Deep, straight Line of Head crossing the hand like a bar. The Line of Heart often absent.


Thick, soft palm. All fingers falling apart easily. Fingers bent backward, smooth and conical. Thumb set very low and curved backward. Lines of Head and Life often separated at the start. Mounts of the Sun, the Moon and Venus predominant.


See Skepticism.


Short, horizontal Line on the Percussion of the Mount of Mercury, Cross on the Mount of Jupiter. Line of Influence from the Upper Mount of Mars or the Mount of the Moon to the Line of Fate (sometimes to the Line of the Sun). Marked sometimes by a break on Lines of Fate or the Sun, indicating a great change in the subject's life.

Union, A Brilliant

A cross arid a star united on the Mount of 'Jupiter. A fine Line of Fate ending on the Mount of Jupiter. A Line of Fate merging into an extremely good Line of Heart.

Union. A Love

A long, fine Line of Union. A clear cross on the Mount of Jupiter. A Line of Influence from the Mount of the Moon blending with the Line of Fate, or running alongside of it for a space - never cutting it. A branch of the Line of Fate merging into the Line of Heart.

Union, A Mercenary

A prominent Mount of Mercury. A Line of Influence from the Mount of Mars touching the Line of Fate (often "cutting" it, if the Union is to be unfortunate).

Union, Lines Of

264. 1. Position and Direction - 265. 2. Starting Points and Forks at the Start - 266. 3. Termination and Forks at the Termination - 267. 4. Branches - 267. 5. Breaks - 268. 6. Connected with the Main Lines - 269. 7. Signs - 269. Special Observation - 271. Additional Cases - 271.

Union, Mismated

A deep, red Line of Union. A Line of Influence from the Mounts of the Moon or Upper Mars cutting the Line of Fate. A broken Line of Heart. A poor Line of Fate from the date corresponding with the Union. A Line from the Line of Heart ending in a crook on the Mount of Saturn. Deep bar, cutting the Line of Heart. A branch of the Line of Fate cutting the Line of Heart.

Union Prevented By Death

A sharp break on a Line of Union.

Unions. Successive

Case: 278.


See Benevolence.

Useless Details, Mania For

Very large hands. Exaggerate second knots. See also Fault-finding.


Soft Palm. Fingers smooth and spatulate. First Phalanx of Thumb below normal. Insignificant Mount of Jupiter. Line of Head attached too long to the Line of Life and short. Plain of Mars low. Lines of Fate and the Sun both forked and accompanied by wavy, short sister lines, especially on the Mounts of Saturn and the Sun.


Exaggerate Mounts of Jupiter and the Sun, with abnormally long third finger. Often exaggerate Mounts of Venus and the Moon. The Line of Life forked at the start, one prong entering the third phalanx of the first finger. Sometimes a similar prong of the Line of Head ends at the same place.

Vanity, Morbid

Third Finger leaning toward Second. Exaggerate Mount of Jupiter displaced toward the Mount of Saturn. A prong of a fork of tin-Line of Head going up deep into the Mount of Jupiter, then turning and terminating on the Mount of saturn

Venreal Disease

Case: 163.

Venereal Diease, Grave

A Star on a double Girdle of Venus. A black spot on the Mount of Venus.

Venus. Mount Of

I. Position - 85. 2. Meanings - 87. 3. Displacements - 89. 4. Revealing Illnesses - 90. 5. Revealing Mode of Suicide - 90. 6. Signs - 117. 7. Signature: a. Physical Peculiarities - 135; b. Health Peculiarities - 135: c. Mental and Moral Peculiarities - 136. 7. In combination with another prominent Mount - 137,


Hand proper shorter than supple fingers with conical tips. Fine, long Third and Fourth Fingers. Beautiful Mounts of the Sun and Mercury. Line of the Sun exceptionally good. This supposes the Versatility to be of a useful character as far as the career of the subject is concerned.

Via Lasciva, The

209. I, Position and Character - 209- 2. Termination and Forks at the Termination - 209. 3. Breaks and Branches - 209. 4. Connected with the Main Lines: a. Directly - 209; b. By Minor Lines - 209. 5. Signs - 210.

Vice, Worst Consequences Of Sensual

Exaggerate or much lined Mounts of Saturn and Venus. Triple Girdle of Venus. A pale, wide Line of Heart.


The Mounts and Plain of Mars very exaggerate; also the Mount of the Sun (envy). A very narrow Quadrangle, due to the abnormal lowering of the Line of Heart. Often Line of Heart entirely absent, with a Line of Head crossing the hand like a bar.

Violent Nature

Very hairy hands (in a man). Reddish colored hair. Hand thick and hard. Nails long, thick and curved clawlike. Exaggerate Mounts and Plain of Mars. Red lines, especially a deep and Long Line of Mars.

Violent Temper

Case: 225.

Violinist, Brilliant Girl

Case: 214.

Vocation Interfered With

Case: 275.

Voyages (Lucky1)

Line from the Ras-cette to the Mount of Jupiter. Horizontal Lines along the Percussion of the Mount of the Moon, when not broken or badly marked.