These cases, as well as those disseminated through the other Parts of this book, are - many of them - borrowed from Desbarrolles' magnum opus, " Révélations Completes." They have never been translated into the English language and their careful study constitutes, in my opinion, the very best of practice for the student of Palmistry. He finds combined in them many indications scattered through these pages, and he is taught how to generalize the information obtained and to apply it intelligibly. Book definitions are bound to be narrow and on that account somewhat misleading. By broadening them, not recklessly but in moderation, a well trained intelligence will soon know how to give them their full inward meaning. This study of "cases" ought really to precede the examination of "living hands,"

Art And Science Happily Blended

All the Chief Lines were perfect and the chir-ognomtc indications of the very best as far as intellectuality was concerned. A curved line connected the Mounts of the Sun and Mercury without cutting either the Lines of the Sun or the Line of Liver.

Art And Science Happily Blended 1132

"This curious marking was noticed in the hands of two famous Parisian professional men; one a barrister, the other a surgeon. The design shows simply this peculiar ring and does not give the other indications peculiar to each of these two subjects."

An Extravagant Yeamingr Toward Notoriety

A rather short Line of Head a similar Line of Fate, not bad, however. A very long and rather straight Line of Heart: as distinctive marking, a Line from the Upper Mount of Mars deep into the Mount of the Sun.

An Extravagant Yeamingr Toward Notoriety 1133

"Seen in the hand of a common village conjurer and pseudo-doctor, whose assurance and vanity were beyond description. He used to secure the attention of his rural admirers by the extraordinary lies he told them about his family, his talents, his career. He managed finally to run away with a rich farmer's daughter, who believed in his fables. Success at any cost, and boundless vanity, with half developed brains, are the type herein represented."

Monomania Of Persecution

Double Girdle of Venus; a very poor Line of Heart; a Line of Head very widely separated from the Line of Life at the start and forming a broad island from the Mount of Jupiter to under the Mount of Saturn, where it stops short. A deep cross in the space between the Lines of Head and Life.

Monomania Of Persecution 1134

"The subject suffered from a monomania consisting in his believing that government agents were constantly after him and tortured him by means of hidden electrical batteries. He was a pronounced Saturnian; the first phalanx of his thumb was as small as that of a congenital idiot. His Mount of Jupiter was displaced toward a high Mount of Saturn; his Mount of the Moon was also exaggerate; all signs of sure insanity."

Dangerous Fall From Horseback

A Line of Life broken at 35, the two frag-ments overlaying each other and joined to a cross bar from a dot on the inside fragment, the latter above the break, for the space of five years. Fine Lines of Fate and the Sun.

"A gentleman, otherwise in very happy and fortunate circumstances, was thrown from his horse at 35 and suffered from the consequences of this accident for over 5 years; finally he recovered completely. His very strong Mount of Jupiter pointed toward that particular kind of accident. The markings were similar in both hands."

Dangerous Fall From Horseback 1135

A Child Crippled By The Act Of A Cruel Relative

A Line of Head broken under the Mount of Saturn; a Line of Influence from the Mount of Venus ends in a deep dot on the Line of Head on the Mount of Saturn. Otherwise a good, intelligent hand.

A Child Crippled By The Act Of A Cruel Relative 1136

"A young girl, as early as 10 years old, had been roughly knocked down by an Ugly tempered female relative, in whose charge she had been left after her parents' death; in consequence of this fall she had lost the use of a leg. The child was remarkably bright and studious."

A Three Time Repeated Trouble With The Legs Ends In Caries Of The Bone

A particularly bulging Mount of the Moon. a good Mount of Venus and a strong Mount of Saturn. A Line of Influence from a black dot on the starting point of a Line of Life ending in a star on the Line of Head Another dot on the Line of Life at 18 connecting by ft line of influence with the same star; a line of influence from the Mount of Venus ending in a black dot on the Line of Life at 30. Another Line of Influence from the Mount of Venus ending in a star on the Line at 35. From that time on the Line of Life is formed or rather indicated by a succession of laddered small bars.

A Three Time Repeated Trouble With The Legs Ends I 1137

"A flower gardener - bad teeth, Saturn-iau type - suffered from a trouble of the brain at 18, caused by an accident; same illness again at 30, and returned at 35; the caries or necrosis of the bones of one of his legs then set in and rendered his life most precarious."