Suicide, Attempted

Case: 351.

Sun, Mount Of The

I. Position - 84. 2. Meanings - 86. 3. Displacements - 89. 4. Revealing Illnesses - 89. 5. Revealing Mode of Suicide - 90. 6.


101. 7. Signature: a. Physical Peculiarities - 127; b. Health Peculiarities - 127; c. Mental and Moral Peculiarities - 128. 8. In combination with another prominent Mount -

Sun. The Line Of The

294. 1. Position and Direction - 294. 2. Character; a. By Itself - 295; b. In combination with other Indications - 296. 3. Starting Points and Forks at the Start - 297. 4. Termination and Forks at the Termination - 299. 5. Branches - 300. 6. Breaks - 301. 7. Connected with the Main Lines: a. Directly - 301; b. By Minor Lines - 301. 8. Signs - 304. Special Observations - 307.


Exaggeration of the Second Finger and Mount of Saturn. Often exaggeration of the Mount of the Moon and drooping of the Line of Head.

Surgeon, The

See Physician, The; also Medical Stigmata. Add to these indications: Hard Palm. Long, spatulate, knotted fingers, Excellent Mounts and Plain of Mars.

Swindler, The

Long hand. Crooked fingers, especially the Fourth Finger. Wretched Mounts. The Mount of Mercury either exaggerate or marked by confused lines, a cross and even a star. Line of Head deeply forked. Professional swindlers have a Mount of the Moon very heavy in its lower part.

Synovia In Knee Joints, Lack Of


242. Synthetical View of Things; Aptitude for Understanding the Whole Better than the Details. - Small hands. Short, smooth fingers.


Long fingers, with little balls on the inside of first phalanges. Second knots well marked. Mount of Mercury predominant, with a long, shapely second finger. Excellent Line of Heart. A triangle on or near the termination of the Line of Life. Good Line of Liver. Fine Plain of Mars.

Tact, Lack Of

Short, square, smooth fingers. Short nails. Mounts of Mars exaggerate. Lines of Life and Head separated at the start. Sometimes no Line of Heart; otherwise a very poor one. Fourth Finger and Mount of Mercury far below Normal.

Taylor, Langdon; an Englishman; author of "A Handy Guide to Palmistry" (London; 1895).

Teaching, Aptitude For

Square, tipped, knotted fingers. Long, well shaped Thumb. Mounts of Mercury and Mars predominant. Mounts of Jupiter and Venus well marked. If intellect remarkable: fine Mount of the Sun. Lines of Head and Life slightly separate at the start. Fine Lines of Head and Heart,

Teeth, Trouble With The

Exaggerate or much lined Mount of Saturn. Long and wavy Line of Liver, with similar Line of Fate, and second phalanges of all fingers abnormally long.

Thickness Of Hand And How To Judge

37. Its importance in the diagnosis of Disposition and Health. (See Hand Proper and Palm combined.)

Thief. The

Heavy, elementary hand. Crooked fingers, especially the fourth one. Mount of Mercury very much exaggerate and much crossed and even starred. Lower part of the Mount of the Moon very bulging. No Mount of Jupiter at all. Few lines. See Burglar, The; Pickpocket, The, etc.

Thigh Bone, Dislocation Of The

Case: 106.

Thoughtless Disposition

Wide space between base of Second and Third Fingers. A wide space between the Lines of Life and Head, High Mount of the Moon. Very little, if any. Mount of Mercury.

Throat, Sore

Exaggerate or much lined Upper Mount of Mars. Cross lines (especially if deep or forked) from the Percussion of the Upper Mount of Mars.


What distinguishes Man from lower animals. Exhaustive Study - 51. In Idiots. Infants, Epileptics, Criminals. I. Position, 2. Size. 3, Shape. 4. First Phalanx: a. Size; b. Shape. 5. Knot. 6. Second Phalanx: a. Size; b. Shape. No third Phalanx. 7. Combination of Phalanges. 8. Lines and Signs - 325.

Tibertus. Antiochtts; a German; author of various works on Chiromancy, published in 1494 and 1541 in Bonn and Mayence.

Time In The Hand, How To Reckon

148. Illustrations - 149, 151. On Line of Life - 148. On Line of Fate - 150. On Line of the Sun - 152. On the Percussion - 152. On the Mount of Jupiter - 152. On Line of Heart - 413. On Line of Head - 413. On Line of Liver - 413,

Timidity - Thin, Soft Palm

Long, knotted fingers, inward bent. Low (if any) Mounts of Mars, Mercury and Jupiter. The Line of Head attached too long to the Line of Life at the start. Narrow Quadrangle.

Tips Of Fingers

Shape of extremity of nailed Phalanx. Four leading types of Tips: Pointed; Conical; Square; Spatulate - 46.

Tobaco Heart. The

Case: 245.

Todd. R. B.; an Englishman; author of "Cyclopaedia of Anatomy and Physiology" (London; 1839).

Touch, Sense of; the most indispensable of the five senses - 1:9.

Traitor, The

Crooked Fingers, especially the fourth finger. Short and pale nails. Absence of the Line of Heart.

Travel (Or Voyage) For A Loved One's Sake

A Line of Voyage coming from the Percussion of the Mount of the Moon and merging into the Line of Heart under the Mount of Mercury. Often: Line of Head merging into the Line of Heart under the same Mount.

Traveler. The Born

Square palm; thick, elastic hand. Short, spatulate fingers; very rarely knotted. A pronounced Third finger if dangerous voyages are projected; also fine Mounts of the Sun and the Moon; with a deep, straight Line of Head. Little of the other Mounts or Lines except the essential ones.

Travel, Successful

A Line from the Rascette straight to the Mount of Jupiter.

Triangle, The

316. (See Plain of Mars.)

Triangle, The Small

324. (See Plain of Mars.)

Tricasso; an Italian and a leading Chiro-mant of the XVI. Century; author of "Chyromantia Novamente re vista e con Somma diligentia corretta e stam-pata" (1534). Excellent French translation issued in Paris in 1552.