Saturn, The Ring Of

The Girdle of Venus - 30. There is, however, a Ring of Saturn, just encircling the base of the Finger, on the Mount, the meaning of which - Extraordinary Magic (or Occult) Powers.

Scaffold, Death on the - line of Head broken under the Mount of Saturn. A cross in the plain of Mars, and stars on the second finger. The Line of Life terminating abruptly and generally with a deep bar at the date of the execution.

Schalitz, Christian; a German; author of "Die von Aberglauuen. Vanitaeten und Teuscheroi gereinigte Chiro-mantia, etc." (Frankfort: 1729).

Seduction By Married Man

Case: 179.

Seduction By Married Man

Case: 269.

Seers And Saints

Transparent hand. Almond shaped nails. Very pointed, smooth fingers, especially the first finger. Often high Mount of the Moon. Line of Intuition and Mystic Cross (which see) in both hands.

Selfishness, Excessive

Hand thick and flabby. Very pale Palm and Lines. Short, smooth fingers, somewhat conical, with thick third phalanges. Exaggerate Mounts of Venus and the Moon. Often absence of the Line of Heart; if it is there it is poor and much branched downward.

Sensitiveness To Criticism, Extreme

Short nail on Second Finger, the other almond shaped. Lines of Life and Head attached too long at the start. An exaggerate Mount of the Sun (envy) and an exaggerate Mount of the Moon. Many Worry Lines.

Sensual Instincts

See Love, Extreme Passion in.

Separation. Ending Happily.__Cruel

Case: 193.

Separation; Fatal Journey

Case: 182.

Separation From A Loved One

Case: 290.

Separation, Legal

Case: 306.

Separation (Not Divorce)

The forks at the starting point or termination of Lines of Union are often accurately read as separation of some duration, due not to quarreling or such causes, but to the necessities of existence.

Shipwreck. Danger Of

A star Or island on a short Line of Voyage along the Percussion of the Mount of the Moon.

Sider. A.; a Frenchman; author of "La Chirornancie Royale et Nouvelle" (Lyons: 1666).

Signs And Lines On Thumb And Fingers

325. I. On Thumb - 325. 2. On all the Fingers - 328, 3. On First Finger - 329. 4. On Second Finger - 333- 5- On Third Finger - 337. 6. On Fourth Finger - 340.

Signs In General

91. Sixteen in Number. Illustration - 91. 1. The Spot or Dot. 2. The Cross. 3. The Star. 4. The Circle. 5. The Square. 6. The Triangle. 7. The Angle. 8. The Island. 9. The Grille, or Gridiron. 10. The Sign of Jupiter. 11. The Sign of Saturn. 12. The Sign of the Sun. 13. The Sign of Mercury. 14. The Sign of Mars. 15. The Sign of the Moon. 16. The Sign of Venus.

Skeleton Of Hand, Illustration Of


Skepticism "Versus" Convent Life

Case: 263,

Skill, Practical

Long, knotted fingers. Especially well shaped (square) second finger and good Mount of Mercury.

Skin Disease

Case: 156.


An island at the starting point of a Line of Liver that runs close to the Percussion. Still stronger if that island is found at the start of a Line of Intuition.


Case: 208. Case: 212.

Sorrow from Death of Loved One, Extreme - A Line of Influence from a star on the Mount of Venus, and ending in a dot or star on the Line of Heart.

Spadoni; Italian; author of "Studio di Curiosita nel quale tratta di Fisi-onomia. Chiromantia e Metoposcopia" (Venice: 1675).

Spark, J. J.; an Englishman; author of "Scientific and Intuitional Palmistry" (London: 1895).

Speculative Business, Talent For

Slightly conical finger tips, especially the Fourth Finger. No knots. Third Finger above normal. Mounts and Plain of Mars and Mercury finely developed. Long Line of Head slightly drooping at the termination.

Spendthrift Disposition

Very Flexible Fingers, with a third Finger often above normal. A first phalanx of the thumb much thrown backward and flexible. High Mounts of Jupiter and the Sun. The Line of Head separated from the Line of Life and drooping somewhat in a high Mount of the Moon.

Sphinx Die; German Periodical; Vols I., II., IV. and V.

Spinal Troubles

Nails short, narrow and curved. A star on the Mount of Saturn. A drooping Line of Life often starred or broken under Saturn. A much rayed and often starred Mount of the Moon.

Spleen, Disease Of

Case: 169. Square of Preservation. Peculiar, - Case: 307 St. Hill. Katherine; an Englishwoman; author of "The Grammar of Palmistry" (London: 1892); also "Hands of Celebrities" (London: 1895).


A cross on the Mount of Saturn - y8. The Line of Life lying too close to the Second Phalanx of the Thumb - 153. A star at the connection of the Line of Head and Liver - 171. Weak and poor Line of Heart terminating forkless - 244.


Case: 207. Case; 208.

Stocker, R. P.; an Englishman; author of "A Concordance of Graphology and Physiognomy" (London: 1895).

Stone, The; Disease of - The lower part of the Mount of the Moon exaggerate or much lined.


See Obstinacy.


Bases of the fingers on a fair alignment. Strong Thumb. Fine Mounts of Jupiter, the Sun and Mercury. Straight, long Line of Head. Fine Line of Fate, ending on either the Mount of Jupiter or the Mount of the Sun. Long Line of the Sun. Clear Line of Liver. See Ambition Successful; Art. Extraordinary Success in; Fortune.

Success After Repeated Rebuffs, Final

Case: 349.

Success (Late In Life)

The Lines of Fate or the Line of the Sun. or both, starting from the Line of Heart and running deep into the Mounts unbarred and unstarred.

Suicidal Tendencies

Stars on the Mounts of Saturn and the Moon, the latter Mount quite prominent. Drooping Line of Head. A Line of Head merging into Line of Liver, with poor Line of Fate and numerous bars on the Line of Life. For Modes of Suicide see page 90.