Politics Aptitude For

Statesman revealed by line Mounts, ot Jupiter, the Sun and Mercury. With a Line of Head beginning high on the Mount of Jupiter and slightly forked at the end, and with fine Mounts and Plain of Mars, The bar-room Politician shows but little Mount of Jupiter, but all exaggerate and badly marked Mount of Mercury. The Line of Head will be drooping and the Upper Mount of Mars much lined, showing aggressive brutal instincts.

Pompeius, Nicolaus; a German; author of "Figurę Chiromanticę" (Hamburg: 1682), and "Pręcepta Chiro-mantka" (Hamburg: 1682), Prętorius, Johann; a German; author of "Cheiroscopia et Metoposcopia" (Jena: 1659), and other noted works on the subject.




Case: 289.

Preservation, Curious Square Of


Preservation, Repeated Instances of.

- Case: 352.

Pride, Indomitable

Ex aggerate Mounts of Jupiter and Mounts and Plain of Mars. A grille on the Mount of Jupiter. Often a number of Lines or branches from the Lines of Life or Head running high up into the Mount of Jupiter. Often exaggerate Mount of the Sun.

Primitive Nature

See Elementary Hand - 66.


A square on the lower part of the Mount of Venus. A grille on the Mount of Saturn.

Profitable Meeting At A Watering Place

Case: 351.


See Love, Extreme Passion!Add to those indications a much rayed Mount of Venus; a star near the thumb nail; a star on third phalanx of first finger.

Protection From Disaster

Case: 188.


A fine Second Finger and a well formed Mount of Saturn. A second Phalanx of the Thumb above Normal. Finger tips square and second knots marked. Line of Head attached quite a space to the Line of Life. A fine Lower Mount of Mars and a Mount of Mercury fully developed, with Fourth Finger slightly above average.


A famous Greek philoso-pher (B. C. 560-500) - 16.

Quadrangle, The

300. (See Plain of Mars.)

Quain's "Elements of Anatomy" (London: 1876).

Quarrelsome Disposition

See Violent Nature.

Rascette, The

196, 1. Position and Direction - 196. 2. Character - 197. 3. Connected with the Mounts - 197. 4. Breaks - 198. 5. Connected with the Lines - 198. 6. Signs - 198.

Reading. Love Of

The more or less conical shape of the First Finger, in combination with the indications concerning the Palm, the other finger Tips, the Knots, the Mounts, will indicate - with a fine Line of Head in all cases - in what direction the subject's Love of Reading will find its satisfaction.

Reason Lost Through Love Sorrow

Case: 237.


See Imprudence. Just increase untoward indications therein enumerated.

Recovery From Serious Illness

The overlaying fragments of a Line of Life connected by a bar. Similar fragments encased within a square. Around all evil signs on the Hand to be interpreted as serious illnesses the presence of a square is reassuring. Wanting that, the fact that the bad indications are not repeated in both hands is a promise of recovery.

Religion, Change Of

Case: 244.

Religion. Founder Of A New

Case: 352-

Religion. Resignation Due To

Case; 249.

Religious Enthusiasm Determining Absolute Chastity

Case: 302.

Religious Veneration

Slender, soft palm; smooth, pointed fingers, especially the First, A fine Mount of Jupiter.

Requeno, Vincenzo; an Italian; author of "Scoperta della Chironomia" (Parma: 1797).


24. The "exhalation" - so to speak - of the vital fluid.

Respiratory Organs, Disease Of

Thin Palm. Long, brittle, curved or fluted nails. Pale lines. Mount of Jupiter exaggerate. Many islands on the Line of Head. A Line of Influence ending in an island on the Mount of Jupiter.

Respirntory Organs, Severe Trouble Of

Case: 351.

Responsibility, Dislike Of

First Finger too short. Lines of Head attached too long to the Line of Life at the start. Insignificant (or absent) Mounts of Mars. First Phalanx of Thumb below normal.

Revengeful Fnemy. Ambition Interfered With By

Case: 05.


"Satin" satin. Exaggerate or much lined Mount of Saturn, The Midle part of the Mount of the Mount of the Moon exaggerate or much lined. A line down the Middle part of the Mount of the Moon, especially if crossed. Line of Life widely forked and red at the termination. Cross Lines from the Line of Life to the Mount of Saturn.

Rheumatism, Hereditary

Several lines crossing the Mount of Saturn and the Line of Heart.

Rheumatism. Inflammatory

With other indications of Rheumatism (which see), black, bluish or red dots on the Line of Heart,


See Financial Success.

Roup bile; a Frenchman; author of "La Chyromantie naturelle" (Lyons:


Rothmann, Johann; a German; author of "Chiromanttai Theories Practica" (Erfurt: 1595). English translation . by Wharton (London: 1652).

Royal Personage, Favorite Of A

Case: 354

Ruined By A Woman, Position

Case: 264.

Ruined. Minor Children Financially.

- Case: 178.

Sadness. Superstitious

Second Finger leaning toward First. Exaggerate Second Finger (especially first phalanx) and Mount of Saturn. Droops ing Line of Head, with exaggerate Mount of the Moon.

Sahn. Frank; a German; author of "Die Chiromantie der Alten" (Berlin: 1856).

St. Germain, Comte C de; a Frenchman (1846 - ); author of "Hand Book of Palmistry" (New York: 1883); " Practical Palmistry" (Chicago: 1897); "The Practice of Palmistry for Professional Purposes" (2 vols 1,250 ill.; Chicago: 1897-98); editor of the monthly. "American Journal of Palmistry" (Chicago: 1897. 1898 - ).

Sanders. Richard; the leading English chiromant of the XVII. Century; author of "Physiognomie. Chiromancie, Metoposcopie," etc., Handled with Their Natural Predictive Significations" (London: 1653); also of "Palmistry; the Secrets Thereof Disclosed" (London: 1664).

Sappho, A Modem

Case: 264.

Saturnian. The

The Line of Fate - 30.

Saturn Mount Of

I, Position - 84, 3, Meanings - 86 3, Displaeementa - 88. 4. Revealing Illnesses - 89. 5. Revealing Mode of Suicide - 90. 6. Signs - 97. 7? Signature: a. Physical Peculiarities - 124; b. Health Peculiarities - 125; c. Mental and Moral Peculiarities - 125- 8. In combination with another prominent Mount - 137