Overwork Or Dissipation, Signs Of

A much islanded Line of Head.

Owen, Sir Richard; an Englishman (1804); author of "On the Nature of Limbs" (London: 1849).

Oxenford, Ina; an Englishwoman; author of "The New Chirology" (London; 1895}; also of "Life Studies in Palmistry" (London: 1897); in collaboration with Miss Anna M. Cosgrave.

Pacini, Filipo; an Italian (1812-1883); discoverer of the termination of nerves below the epidermis, and of Pacinian Corpuscles (which see).

Pacinian Corpuscles

Agglomerations of nervous matter found only in mankind and gathered in the palm of the hand, mostly inside the Mounts under the fingers and the Plain of Mars - 19; 24.

Pain In The Side. Unexplained

Case: 210.

Painter, Famous German

Case: 225.

Painter, Special Characteristics of a Famous case: 298.


Measured inside, from wrist to finger base - 35. "Size and Shape:" I. Narrow - 38; 2. Wide - 38; 3. Too Wide - 38; 4. Square - 38. "Color and Skin Character:" I. Very pale - 38; 2. Yellow - 38; 3. Pink and Mottled - 38; 4. Red - 38; 5. Very Red - 38; 6. Satin Skin - 39; 7. Dry Skin - 39; 8. Damp Skin - 39,

Palm Proper

Inside hand, not including the Mounts - 35. I. Flat but high - 39; 2. Flat but low - 39: 3. Hollow - 39- Palmist and Chirological Review; a Monthly published since 1892 by the Roxburgh Press, 15 Victoria St., Westminster, London; edited by Mrs. Katherine St. Hill and Mr. Charles F. Rideal.


The art or science of reading one's nature and fate in the lines and lineaments of the hand. Lately it has been made to combine Chirog-nomy and Chiromancy into one homogeneous science. The word is unknown in the Latin, German. French and Italian works on Palmistry, both ancient and! modern. With them "Chiromancy" is made to apply to the whole of the science.

Papus. Doctor; a Frenchman; author of "Traite de Magie pratique" (Paris: 1885); also "Traité Metbodtque de Science Occulte" (Paris: 1891).

Paracelsus; a German-Swiss; author of "Philosophia Sagax" (1493,-1541).


Nails short and triangular shaped. Exaggerate or much lined Mount of Saturn. A star on the Mount of Saturn. A grille and a star on the Mount of the Moon. Main Lines all poorly marked (after the attack).


Case: 99. Case: 182.


See Love, Extreme Passion in.

Passionate Disposition; Easily Angered

Hair on all phalanges. Dark colored hair on hand. Thick, hard palm. Red skin. Short, broad and red nails, the base overrun by flesh or skin. Exaggerate Mounts and Plain of Mars. Red skin. A deeply colored Line of Mars.

Past Written In The Hand

How and when - 26.

Pecuniary Losses

See Bankruptcy and Financial Losses.


See Traitor, The.


Elastic Palm. Square, Knotted Fingers. Strong first Phalanx of the Thumb. Lower Mount of Mars predominant. A long, straight Line of Head. The Mount of Mercury and the Fourth Finger well developed.

Peruchio; an Italian and a prominent chiromant; author of "La Chiro-mance, La Physionomie et la Geo-mance" (Paris: 1636).

Phalnrnres. (singular: phalanx). - 35; the small bones of the fingers; three for each finger, two for the thumb. The "Nailed" phalanx is called "First;" the "Middle" one, "Second;" the "Lower" one, "Third." Normal size - 46. Illustration - 47. Phalanges taken separately - 45.

Philosophy, Aptitude For The Study Of

Thin, hard palm. Very long and knotted fingers, especially the first knot, Often spatulate fingers, but with the first and fourth finger tips decidedly less spatulate and almost, or quite, conical.

Phrenology And Palmistry Compared

A. Alimenttveness: 1. Amativeness; 2. Parental Love; 3. Inhabit!veness; 4. Friendship; 5, Combativeness; 6. Destructiveness; 7. Secretiveness; 8. Acquisitiveness; 9. Constructivcness; 10, Self Esteem; 11. Approbativcness; 12. Cautiousness; 13. Benevolence; 14. Veneration; 15. Firmness; 16. Conscientiousness; 17. Hope; 18. Spirituality; 19. Ideality; 20. Mirth-fulness; 21. Imitation; 32. Individuality; 23. Form; 24. Size; 25. Weight; 26. Color; 27. Locality; 28. Calculation; 29. Order; 30. Eventuality; 31. Time; 32. Tune; 33. Language; 34. Comparison; 35. Causality. B.

Memory of Language. C. Concen-trativeness - 355.

Physician, Aptitude To Be A

The Med-ical stigmata on the_Mount of Mercury (which see) in a large elastic hand with square tipped, knotted fingers,

Pickpocket. The

Thin, narrow palm. Long, thin, crooked Fingers, especially the Fourth Finger. An exaggerate Mount of Mercury, or one much cross lined. The lower part of the Mount of the Moon exaggerate. A poor, drooping Line of Head.

Plain Of Mars. The

308. The space on the Palm unoccupied by the Mounts. 1. The Quadrangle: a, Position - 309. b. Character - 311. c. Signs - 312. 2. The Triangle: a. Position - 316; b. Character - 116; c. The First Angle - 318: d. The Second Angle - 319; e. The Third Angle - 320; f. Signs - 321; g. Special Observations (The Small Triangle) - 324.

Pleasure, Love Of Without Excess

Hand thick and medium soft. Well developed (but not exaggerate) Mounts of Jupiter and Venus. No worry lines.


See Respiratory Organs.

Poetical Aspirations

Pointed (or at least conical) Fingers. A long, thin first phalanx of the thumb. A thin, soft palm. Mounts of the Sun, the Moon and Venus very prominent. A drooping Line of Head. Often a Line of Heart much chained and islanded.

Poisoner, The

See Murderer, The Slow.

Poisoning Case

Case: 354.