Moral Nature, ILL-Balanced

Damp skin, especially if clammy cold - 39.

Morbid Disposition

Yellow-hued and soft palm. Second Finger too long, especially the first phalanx. Mount of Saturn exaggerate, often covered with confused lines. Lines yellow and weak. Line of Head drooping into a light Mount of the Moon. Line of Liver wavy or fragmentary.

Morbid Instincts, Disastrous

Third Finger very much shorter than Second. See above indications.

Moreau. Adèlc; a Frenchwoman and a pupil of the famous Mlle. Le Nor-mand; author of "L'Avenir dévoilé; Chiromancie Nouvelle, Etude des Deux Mains" (Paris: 1869).

Mother Died When The Subject Was Born

Case: 95.

Mother-In-Law Influence

A Sister Line closely accompanying a strongly marked Line of Union.

Mounts, Lines And Signs On The

91. 1. On the Mount of Jupiter - 91. 2. On the Mount of Saturn - 97. 3 On the Mount of the Sun - 101. 4. On the Mount of Mercury - 104. 5. On the Upper Mount of Mars - 108. 6. On the Mount of the Moon - III, 7. On the Mount of Venus - 117. 8. On the Lower Mount of Mars - 121.

Mounts Of The Hand

81. Elevations in tile Palm of the hand that surround the "Palm Proper" or "Plain of Mars" Eight in number: 1 - of Jupiter - 85, 2 - of Saturn - 86, 3 - of the Sun - 86, 4 - of Mercury - 86, 5 - of Upper Mars - 86, 6 - of the Moon - 86, 7 - of Venus - 87, 8 - of Lower Mars - 87). Position - 84. Meanings - 85. Displacements - 87. As they reveal Illnesses - 89. As they indicate Suicidal Tendencies - 90.

Mounts. Signatures Of The

Definition: A Mount towering over all the others in both hands is considered as corresponding with a definite Physical. Mental and Moral Type - 122. I. The Jupiterian - 123. a. The Sat-urnian - 124, 3, The Solar Subject - 126. 4. The Mercurian - 129. 5. The Martian - 131. 6. The Lunar Subject - 133. 7.The Venusian - 134. Combinations of the two most prominent Mounts - 136.

Mueller. Johann; a German (1801-1858): author of "Handbuch der Physiologic des Menschen" (1841); we read the French translation published in Paris by Jourdan (1854) - 20 - 23.

Murderer. The Slow

Long, thin hands: knotty fingers. The Mount of Saturn exaggerate or much rayed. Stars on the second finger. Mount of the Sun exaggerate (envy); Mount of Mercury heavily marked with cross lines (deceit). The lower part of the Mount of the Moon much rayed and with a drooping prong from the Line of Head. Short Line of Life if he is to die on scaffold.

Murderer. The Violent

Thick, hard hands. Spatulatc fingers. Clubbed Thumb. The three Chief Lines very red and no others. Exaggerate Mounts erf Mars and Venus (in this Case vicious instincts, not love). The Lines of Heart and Head are short, also Line of Life if destined to die on scaffold. Stars on the Second Fingers. Large cross in the Triangle.

Music, Great Aptitude For

A moder-ately soft hand and conical, smooth fingers. Mounts of the Sun. the Moon and Venus well developed. A slightly drooping Line of Head. This applies to natural aptitudes, not to merely cultivated, artificial talents.

Musical Instuumentists And Composers

- Hand proper shorter than fingers, with square tips. Slight knots (especially the second) frequently visible. The above indications as to the Mounts obtain here, with the addition of a strong Mount of Mercury and the essential difference that the Line of Head is apt to be separated from the Line of Life at the start and normally directed to the end. Mystic Cross, The. - A welI formed cross in the Quadrangle under the Mount of Saturn. The token of exceptional occult powers - 313.

Nails- - 1. Short - 39: 2. Short, hard, covered with skin - 39: 3 Short, with soft palm - 39; 4. Short on second ringer - 39; 5. Short and pale - 40; 6. Short, square, bluish - 40; 7. Short, square, broad - 40; 8. Short, triangular - 40; 9. Short, narrow, curved - 40; 10. Large, broad, long - 40; it. Long, thin, brittle - 40; 12 Long-thin, curved - 40: 13. Long, thin, nar row - 40; 14. Moderately thin and narrow - 40; 15. Almond shaped - 40; t6. Pink on outer edge - 41; 17 Ridges on certain nail - 41; 18. Cross Ridges - 41; 19. Hippocrates' nail - 41; 20. White spots - 41; 21. Black and bluish spots - 41.

Napoleon III.'s Hands Examined by Dessbarrolles - 80.


See Meanness, In this case, however, the Luc of Heart may be a trifle more normal. The fingers are often both smooth and square tipped, Naurath, Ludwig von a German; author of "De Manaum Morphologia et Physiologia" (Berlin: 1833)

Naval Professor, Aptitude for the Long, knotty fingers, especially the Third finger, which is much above dominant. Drooping Line of Head.

Line of Intuition. A cross in the Quadrangle. (See Mystic Cross). A Triangle on the Mount of the Moon.

The Small Triangle well formed.

Only Love

A large cross on the Mount of Venus, with a clear cross on the Mount of Jupiter.

Only Love

Case: 164.


Divination of future events by the markings on the nails - 41. From the Greek "Onuchos," finger nail, and "Manteta," divination.

Opera Singers

Hand proper longer than fingers, the latter with conical tips. Lines of Life and Head widely separated at the start, the latter forked at the termination. See Music, Aptitudes for.

Order In Every Day Life

Strong second knot on all fingers. See Knot. Generally square tipped fingers.

Order In Ideas

Strong first knot on all fingers. See Knot. Often spatu-late tipped fingers.

Order Wanting In Ideas Or Actions

Very small, smooth hands, with a soft palm and insignificant first phalanx of the thumb.

Oppressions Causing Monomania

Case: 351.

Outdoor Life And Sports, Love For

Large, hard hand. Spatulate finger tips. Third finger longer than normal. Second finger good size. Lines of Life and Head separate at the start. No worry lines. Often very low Mounts (except Mars) and only the three Chief Lines.