Those people in whose hands the Mount of Jupiter is found predominating over all the other Mounts are called in Palmistry Jupiterians.

I. Physical Peculiarities

The Jupiterians are strongly built and of middle height. Their complexion is light and clear-colored: they are rather Their voice is sonorous, their eyes are large, smiling and melting: the pupils are large, round and limpid; the eyelids are thick and with long eye-

I Physical Peculiarities 226

[heir hair is chestnut in color, long, thick and curly, hut tin early in life; their beard is also wavy; the eyebrows are bow-shaped and well marked; the nose is straight, but not specially long; the mouth is large and thick-lipped, with the upper lip slightly overlapping the lower one; they have long teeth, especially two long upper middle ones; their cheeks arc fleshy and firm, with the bones not very prominent; the chin is long, with a dimple at the base; the ears are of medium size and rather close to the head; the neck is shapely; the shoulders and the back, quite fleshy; they grow stout rather early in life. They have much hair over the body and their feet are hard and plump. They perspire abundantly, especially on the summit of the head. They walk in a quiet, stately manner.

When the Jupiterian type is spoiled by other indications in the hands we are apt to find a lack of healthy glow in the whiteness of the skin; also straight hair, a short, ill-shaped nose and long, black teeth,

A good Jupiterian will have long. smooth, square-tipped fingers, with a first finger conically shaped, and above the average in size; a thick, half-soft palm, a long first phalanx of the thumb. and the inside third phalanges quite plump.

II. Health Peculiarities

The Jupiterian is both bilious and sanguine in temperament. He is subject to gout. Being a great drinker and eater, he is bound to suffer from his indulgence in that respect. His tendencies are sensual without being vicious, except when the type is shown to be spoiled by other undesirable indications in the hands.

III. Mental And Moral Peculiarities

The Jupiterians are gifted for public life, statesmanship, high offices, even the army and important positions in the church. They are full of confidence in themselves, essentially good-natured and often warm-hearted and charitable. They are apt to spend money too freely and show a somewhat exaggerate contempt for everything mean and miserly. They are religiously inclined, but are fond of splendid ceremonies and of outward show of every kind. They are born aristocrats and conservative to a degree. They believe in law, order, hierarchy. They love peace, but hate all cheating and deceit and will fight without hesitation anyone who tramples upon their beloved tenets. They are easily pleased and keep their friends.

They grow to manhood easily. The proverb says that the Jupiterian "is early out of puberty and poverty;" the pure type is horn lucky and is helped to success by its being a general favorite. A Jupiterian in music was Rossini; in painting, Rubens; their works are most correct illustrations of the type.

When other unfavorable indications show the Jupiterian type to be spoiled, he is insufferably overbearing, despotic, spendthrift, selfish to excess, a debauchee, who sacrifices wife and children to his vile habits and very soon becomes a weak and degraded object for general contempt. His luck is not with him any longer, and his detestable instincts culminate in scoundrelism, for his passions are devouring and he must satisfy them at any risk.