Those people in whose hands the Mount of Saturn is found predominating over all the other Mounts are called in Palmistry Saturnians.

I. Physical Peculiarities

I Physical Peculiarities 227

The Satnniians are tall, thin and pale; their skin is sallow, rough and dry, easily wrinkled; their hair is lanky, thick and dark; they lose it early; the face is long, the cheeks Hollow, the check bones quite high; the eyebrows are black, upturned at the start and joined in the middle; the eyes are deep-set, dark and generally sad; they glisten only under the influence of anger or suspicion. The white of the eye is yellowish; the ears are large; the nose thin and pointed; the nostrils but slightly opened. The mouth is large, with thin lips, and the lower jaw prominent. The Saturnians have fine teeth, that deteriorate early; the gums are pale. Their beard is dark and abundant, except along the cheeks; the chin is large and heavy in its lower part; the neck is long, with strong, cord-like muscles, veins in clear sight and a marked Adam's apple. Their bones are massive in spite of the thinness of the type. They have a narrow, hairy chest and. very high shoulders, giving them a stooping appearance.

Arms and hands are muscular, but awkward and homely-looking.

Their fingers are long and knotty, especially the second finger, which has always a strong first knot. The tips are exaggcrately square and quite often spatulate, especially the tip of the second finger. The first phalanx of the thumb is abnormally large and frequently flat.

The worst type of Saturnian is hunchback or cripple and cross-eyed, with scant hair and a frightful thinness of body. Their fingers have, in an exaggerate degree, all the characteristics enumerated above.

II. Health Peculiarities

The Saturnian is the truly bilious type. in contradistinction to the Mer-curian, who is nervnso-bilious. He is also subject to diseases of, and accidents to, the feet and legs; many cripples arc Saturnian; they often suffer from varicose veins and lose the use of their legs comparatively early in life. They worry a great deal and suffer from chronic melancholia that frequently grows into sheer insanity. The worst Saturnian type dislikes water and is filthy, out of personal taste.

III. Mental and Moral Peculiarities

The Saturnian's main characteristics are sadness, on one side, and extreme prudence on the other. He lacks veneration and is a born doubter. He delights - in his own peculiar way - discussing forever the religious and economical problems of the time; his tastes are in the direction of occult sciences; he is also fond of chemistry, physics, medicine and even higher mathematics, and is often very successful in these branches of learning. He likes country life and agriculture, and, being essentially conservative and suspicious by nature, he prefers investing his money in farm lands as offering the least risk of loss. He has a strange, mysterious gift for discovering veins of precious metal or locating oil fields, He dislikes to obey, and incites others to riots, in which he takes but little active part, as his inborn prudence won't let him run personal risks. He prefers dark colors in his clothes and home furniture and is not fond of the everyday pleasures of life. He cares but little for other people's society and is not of an amorous temperament.

Very strict, severe and abstemious priests are generally Saturnians; there are many Saturnians in the soberly-clad, silent and scheming Order of Jesuit Fathers. The Satumian spends little, saves all he can, and when his type is very pronounced is a downright miser, often a fifthy one. Among the ancient philosophers many were Saturnians; but among artists only those whose inspirations have some invariably sad strains, in color or tonality, can be called Saturnians; they prefer old-fashioned classical principles to romantic inovations, and have a sort of grayish monotony enveloping their well-shaped and orderly efforts. The Satumian is slow, patient, tireless. He gambles passionately, but always plays a system, thus excusing his weakness by calling it scientific experimenting. As a rule he is very unlucky. Independence, even to license, is the Saturnian's main idiosyncrasy; he can bear no restraint; hence his love of solitude and often his dislike of mankind.

In its worst form this type transforms this passive misanthropy into malignant hatred and becomes dangerous to a degree. Prisons are full of Saturnians; poisoners are Saturnians; so are the cold-blooded tormentors of wife and children; so were the Inquisitors of old burning at the stake the victims of their intolerance. Finally, Saturnians have been considered the world over as possessing the evil eye and using their detestable power in blighting men's hopes. and the fruits of the earth. Let me add right here that the Satumian type, even in its mildest form, is but very seldom met with; in the examination of hands even a moderately developed Mount of Saturn is exceptional. At times one discovers in hands a flat but somewhat rayed and cross-rayed Mount of Saturn; this is sufficient indication of Satumian tendencies that will need watching.