Those people in whose hands the Mount of the Sun is found predominating over all the other Mounts are called in Palmistry Solar Subjects.

III The Signatures Of The Mount Of The Sun 228

I. Physical Peculiarities

The Solar Subject is of a height just above the average and is shapely and handsome: his complexion has a kind of a golden hue suffused with a healthy glow; his beard and hair are abundant, soft and wavy, of a beautiful, sunny shade of blond; his forehead is broad, but not too high; his eyes are large, almond-shaped, brilliantly lit and with the whites pure and limpid; their expression is both frank and sweet; the pupils are of a brown color, and the eyelashes long. The cheeks are firm and rounded, the nose straight and delicately chiseled, and the eyebrows beautifully curved. The mouth is not large and both jaws meet gracefully; the teeth are white and well-arranged in coral, colored gums. The voice is not very strong, but of a charming tone; the chin is round and not prominent; the ears are pink-colored, rather small and close to the head. The neck is long and fleshy but most gracefully curved; the body is not hairy at all. The chest comes forward in a healthy fashion, and, although small-boned, the limbs are shapely and agile.

The Solar Subjects are seldom stout; they are muscular, without superabundance of fat. They walk with firm elasticity and their movements show the absence of any effort; they are born athletes.

The Solar Subjects have smooth fingers, conical sometimes, but more generally with moderately square tips; the thumb is of average size, the second phalanx somewhat large. Palm and fingers are of equal size. They have occasionally a trace of the second knot.

When the Solar type is exaggerate and accompanied by undesirable indications in the hand, we find the subject rather Undersized, with blond, crispy hair and a dark yellow complexion. He is often cross-eyed and possesses twisted, ill-shaped, sometimes spatulate fingers, with a flabby palm, the first phalanx of the thumb being extravagantly developed.

II. Health Peculiarities

As a rule the Solar Subject enjoys a well-balanced health, the fact of his being essentially hopeful and looking only at the bright side of things contributing greatly to his physical welware. His weak point is his eyesight; the accidents that threaten him most are caused by fire. He is fond of the good things of life, but is too intellectually endowed to indulge in any excess, and his health is again the gainer by this disposition to moderation in everything.

Of course in the bad Solar Subject these advantages are reduced to a minimum; he often becomes totally blind. and is apt to die in a country far away from his birthplace.

Both in good and bad Solar Subjects, the organ found often in a poor condition is the Heart. They are frequently troubled with palpitations, irregular beats and even aneurism. When a feverish disposition is marked elsewhere in the hand, the Solar Subjects are generally affected by fevers common in the tropical countries, such as Yellow Fever, vomito negro, etc. Finally Solar Subjects seem to be chosen victims of sunstrokes.

III. Mental And Moral Peculiarities

Intellectually the Solar Subjects are as richly endowed as they are physically. They learn everything almost by intuition and without the need of hard study, especially in the domain of fine arts or literature. They invent sometimes and imitate often, doing both with admirable skill and facility. Their versatility is surprising, and so is their love for everything that is beautiful in nature and art. They are consequently very fond of fine clothes. rich furniture and splendid jewels-. They become quickly centers of attraction, and make ardent (if not constant) friends and bitter enemies - the latter, envious rivals. They have a clear, logical understanding of most problems, be it religious, intellectual, or even of a business nature, whenever business, by its character and scope, deserves the attention of a man of brains. The Solar Subject lights up every topic he touches. He is eloquent with ease - not always very deep, but ever pleasing and easily understood. He often reaches high positions and makes money without difficulty.

As the proverb says, "he turns everything into gold." His weak point is his habit of speaking out his mind too qutckly and too frankly; in fact, he likes to hear himself talk.

In religion he is not a fanatic, but an easily convinced believer, without a superstitious trait in him. By intuition he often penetrates quite deeply the mysteries of occult science: they attract him and his brain power loves to tackle those high, difficult problems. His disposition is cheerful and kindly; he is not especially amorous, except of beauty for its own sake; women often abuse his good-humored laxity; as a husband he is not a success. He gets angry quickly, and cools off at once; he never bears a grudge and generally ends by making friends of his worst enemies, but his brilliancy inspires so much envy that he has but few real friends. He is not dissipated in his habits, and is fond of healthy open-air exercise; he is a great traveler over the face of the earth. His most ardent wish is to render his name both famous and esteemed. In the Solar Subject, at its best, there is no trace of egotism or vulgar ambition, but an intense thirst for the noblest kind of celebrity.

Modified by unfavorable indications in the hand, the weak points of the Solar Subject become terribly harmful to himself and others. He shows himself vain to a degree, with a love of nonsensical and ruinous display, and is so intent upon making the world speak of him that he would just as lief commit a crime if it put hint at the head of the criminals of his time. He generally exaggerates greatly whatever little artistic or literary merit he may possess, and claims arrogantly "a place at the top" that does not in the least belong to him. If repulsed, he becomes intensely bitter and malignantly discontented, accusing everybody of being privy to a conspiracy against his legitimate dues. Then he begins, and continues, to show himself the relentless enemy of all those his petty talents cannot equal.

He is as unsuccessful as his brother the Solar Subject at his best - is triumphantly conquering.