The people in whose hands the Mount of Mercury is found predominating over all the other Mounts are called in Palmistry Mercurians.

IV The Signatures Of The Mount Of Mercury 229

I. Physical Peculiarities

The Mercurians are small of stature, but well-built, with an elongated, pleasing face, which remains young-looking quite late in life. Their complexion is light, of the color of new honey, and the least emotion sends a blush to their cheeks; their hair is of a chestnut color and slightly curling at the end; their skin is soft, and the expression of their face very changeable; the forehead is rather bulging. Their beard is short, darker than the hair; the eyebrows thin, curved and joined. Their eyes are deep-set, very quick and penetrating; sometimes restless, with yellowish whites and thin eyelids. Their nose is long and straight, with a rounded, dimpled tip. Their lips are thin, the upper somewhat fuller, and the mouth generally half open; the teeth are small, and the chin long and pointed, sometimes turned up like Napoleon's. The neck is strong, the shoulders sturdy, the chest broad and well-muscled; so are the limbs, although the bones are small. The voice of the Mercurian is decidedly weak, lacking sonority.

The hands of the Mercurian are large and the palm elastic, with fingers of mixed types, the fourth finger always conical. With the exception of a slight first knot, the fingers are generally smooth; they are very supple and skillful. The thumb is long, the second phalanx especially.

When the Mercurian type is spoiled by unfavorable indications, the subject is dark complexioned, and a sombre glow burns in the deeply sunk, shifting eyes. The hair is of an ugly, lifeless, blonde hue. The bad Saturnians have distorted features, with the grimacing characteristics of the ape, and are often hunchbacks of the malignant, hateful kind.

In the bad Mercurian type the hands are soft to flabbiness. the fingers are exaggerated long, twisted and bent backward.

II. Health Peculiarities

The Mercurian is endowed with a nervous-bilious temperament. His weak points are his liver and digestive organs. He is also apt to suffer from troubles of and accidents to, the arms and hands, especially such troubles as interfere with the rapidity of his movements. On that account even troubles of, or accidents to, the legs have been indicated by evil signs, etc., cm the Mount of Mercury,

III Mental And Moral Peculiarities

The Mercurian is quick in thought and action, and is fond of every manifestation in which his mental and physical alertness plays a part. He is skillful at all games, in and out of doors, and delights in oratorical contests in which his gift of repartee assures him success. He is a great judge of human nature and a. clever manager. He schemes with tireless activity and possesses a real influence over his fellow-beings, No one masters better than he does the science of life. He is a deep student also; mathematics is generally his first choice; next to it medicine, and even the occult sciences. He cares for art and literature only in so far as they are close to human nature and appeal to his reason and his love of clearness. He is above all an ex-eellent business man, frequently very ingenious in discovering new ways of mak-jngmoney. He is often an excellent lawyer and a convincing teacher. His eloquence is built on facts, not fancies, and its triumph is that of quick, limpid logic. He is a born actor, and his mimic is genuinely true to life. He has the best points of the Saturnian, as far as inborn scientific talent is concerned, but is his superior in his handling1 of men.

He is not viciously inclined, or even amorous, but affectionate and equally tempered; a safe, not a gushing, friend. He loves Ins family and dotes on children. He has, at times, the gift of divination; but generally bis mood is more of the merry, mildly-mocking-kind. He is fond of traveling and likes nature and its beauties more than their artificial representations.

When afflicted with undesirable markings the Mercurian's natural gifts, become dangerous to a degree. His planning talent concentrates itself upon treacherous scheming, and he turns out to be a liar and a cheat of the deepest dye; he often pretends to be pastmaster in occult sciences for the sole purpose of making dupes. On the other hand the bad Mercurians are themselves childishly superstitious. They are found frequently among the professional tramps; the Gypsies are nearly all of the bad Mercurian type. Not only the bad Mercurians deceive others systematically and all the time, but they are often fool enough to deceive themSelves and to believe in the "sure" success of their worst Combinations.