Accompanied by a sister Line (very rare) - Inheritance.

Special Observation 629

The two sister lines must be quite distinct and not consist simply of the line split in two, lengthwise, as this would be a most serious prognostic of insanity.

I wish to supplement this chapter by adding to it four very interesting observations of abnormal Lines of Head. gathered by Desharrolles and never, to my knowledge, presented to the English-speaking public;

A Materialistic Philosopher, Almost Driven To Insanity

Long, smooth, wellshaped fingers; a long and fiat-tipped thumb. In the Leu Hand only the three Chief lines visible. A very long but chained Line of Heart; a rather short Line of Head forked at the termination. In the Right Hand, a chained Line of Heart crosses the whole hand, but the Line of Head Was represnted by a mere downward fragment under the Mount of Saturn. No Lines of Fate or the Sun.

A Materialistic Philosopher Almost Driven To Insan 630

"Seen in the hands of a brilliant young scientist who had set his whole thinking power at work demonstrating the material nature of the vital principle and denying vigorously the existence of a soul. He had overworked himself to such 3 degree, pursuing his favorite studies, that he was on the brink of actual insanity, and had to stop short his investigations"

Crippled Through Womb Troubles

No Line of Heart what soever. A Line of Head crossing the whole hand like a bar A big horizontal island on the lower Mount of the Moon.

"Madame de C., a famous Parisian society woman, was condemned to spend her life stretched on a couch, on account of an incurable womb trouble. She was a very brilliant conversationalist and her intellect brought in her drawing rooms the elite of the literary and political world. She had a great love trouble in her youth that had almost annihilated her power of affection."

Crippled Through Womb Troubles 631

A Broken Arm

A line of Heart joined to the Line of Life at the start, ending, forked, at the normal place, Just a much twisted fragment of the Line of Head under the Mount of Saturn but low down in the hand. A strong line, forming an angle from the starting point of the Line of Life to the Mount of Saturn.

(This is Desbarrolles' description of the above sketch; I am inclined to think that the Line forming a. right angle is really the Line of Head).

A Broken Arm 632

"Seen in the hand of a young man who suffered from a fracture of the arm just below the elbow."

Dropsy Of The Heart

In both hands a chained Line of Heart. crossing like a bar at the normal place of the Line of Head. The Line of Head represented by a small fragment downward from the Line of Heart under the Mount urn, A very bad Line of Liver.

"Seen in the hand of a man threatened with dropsy of the heart caused by sensual excesses. His impaired digestion had determined a general weakness that finally proved fatal"

Dropsy Of The Heart 633