This Division Three of the Main Lines, as I call it on page 141 of this boob, includes the Third of the Chief Lines - the Line of Heart - and several minor Main lines that partake of its characteristics in a more or less important degree. Admitting that the Line of Heart indicates a smaller or larger amount of loving power, I find that the Girdle of Venus - the principal meaning of which is that of extreme sensuality - acts, in reality, as a sort of influence line over the said Line, increasing the revealed tendency toward physical passion,

Again, the Lines of Union, which I shall prove to be not Lines of Marriage -as usually believed - but mere Lines of Attachment, with or without the sanction of law or priest, do necessarily receive a great deal of influence from the Line of Heart which runs parallel to them, terminating - as they do - on the Mount of Mercury, which they enter from the Percussion.

These similarities in position and meanings are sufficient to explain why I have judged it proper and convenient to comprise these three manifestations of the same influential element. Love. under one and the same heading and in close vicinity to each other. I shall now begin with which represents in the hand the circulation of the blood and the action of the heart_ - as far as health is concerned; and in the moral and mental world; the affections,

I. Position And Direction

Normal: Running along the base of the Mounts betow the fingers (except that it starts from inside the Mount of

I Position And Direction 634I Position And Direction 635

Jupiter) and ending at the Percussion.

Placed lower than its normal position - Coldness, selfishness. In a good hand - Indication of a steady flow of pure affection without physical attraction. In a bad hand - Avarice, duplicity, cruelty.

I Position And Direction 636

Placed very high in the hand, close to the bases of the fingers - Passionate, jealous disposition.

Here it plays almost the part of an elongated Girdle of Venus (which see).

I Position And Direction 637

Crossing the hand, clear from side to side - Excess of loving disposition, causing suffering to the subject; with a high Mount of the Moon - Exaggerate jealousy.

I Position And Direction 638

Crossing the hand like a stiff bar. from side to side, with a hard hand - Unfeeling disposition.

Lack Of Synovia In The Knee-Joints

The Line of Heart occupying the usual place of the Line of Head ex-tending, quite chained, clear to the Percussion. A small fragment of a Line of Head dropping from the Line of Heart below the Mount of Saturn.

Lack Of Synovia In The Knee Joints 639

"An old man 75 years old had suffered for years, from a tack of oil in the knee joints; his stomach and heart were both in a very wretched condition."

Lack Of Synovia In The Knee Joints 640

Sinking toward the Line of Head, with an exaggerate curve Under the Mount of Saturn or the Sun, thus making: a very narrow Quadrangle - Meanness of disposition; still more so with square-tipped and very smooth fingers

The latter reading indicates a nature without an ideal and obeying its first, selfish impulses.

Sinking toward the Line of Head, as above, forming a verv narrow Quadrangle. and with a prominent Mount of the Moon - Duplicity.

Lack Of Synovia In The Knee Joints 641

Imagination added to a mean, selfish disposition induces lying.

Lack Of Synovia In The Knee Joints 642

Sinking toward the Line of Head, as above, the latter connected too long at its start with the Line of Life - Stiffness and formality in manner and disposition.

Lack Of Synovia In The Knee Joints 643

Sinking toward the Line of Head, as above, with a poor, wavy Line of Liver - Asthma, Hay fever.