A. By Itself. 1. Length

Absent - Extreme coldness, physical and moral; selfishness; boundless avarice; with other signs, such as a prominent Upper Mount of Mars - Cruelty; also hemorrhage. If it has laded away - The heart has grown hard through disappointment in love.

This you can only judge, of course, if you have had a former occasion of examining the hand of the subject, or may depend on hip declaration in that respect.

The longer it is and the farther into the Mount of Jupiter it starts from - The stronger and the more idealistic the love.

Long, clear and well traced - Lasting affection.

2, Color: Width: Depth

Very red - Violence in affairs of the heart.

A dangerous person to be in love with.

Livid or yellow - Liver troubles.

This applies to all the Lines in the hand; in fact, when one is livid and yellow, they all show the same hue; it is not always the case with red lines.

2 Color Width Depth 644

An unusually deep Line - Danger of apoplexy

The depth of a Line, when abnormal, always indicates a strain that may soon reach the danger point.

Two Strokes Of Apoplexy. Great Sorrow

A very deep Line of Heart in a hand otherwise poor in Lines. Deep dots on that line.

"That unusual depth of the line I saw recently in a famous actress, who has suffered already from a stroke of paralysis. But with her the Line of Head was at so extraordinarily deep."

Two Strokes Of Apoplexy Great Sorrow 645

Very pale and wide - Heart disease; poor circulation, dissipation having brought about a general weakening of the system.

The vital fluid has lost much of. its beneficent value, and the traces of its passage through this particular channel are faint.

Very thin and long - Murderous instincts.

Thinness is not a quality in the Line of Heart as it is in the Line of Head. You will find a great difference in the general aspect of these two lines; I advise you to study their characteristics very closely so that, should one of them be absent and the remaining one occupy its place (an abnormal formation that is not uncommon), you may recognize the Line for what it really is.

Weak and poor, and ending branchless at the Percussion - Childlessness.

Branches on lines are signs of plenty of sap, of an exuberance of vitality, giving the power of reproducing the species.

3. Malformation

3 Malformation 646

Chained - Flirtatious disposition. Imperfect action of the heart.

Change of Religion - Knotty and spatulate fingers. A cross clearly marked on the first phalanx of the second finger, toward the third finger. A chained Line of Heart; a sloping Line of Head.

"A lady, very much tormented by many superstitious fancies, was absorbed for years in all kinds of religious investigations, hesitating constantly between the most strict Presbyterian ism and entering a Catholic convent. She had been brought tip a Romanist; but her knotted fingers finally drove her into rationalist protestantism."

3 Malformation 647

Pale, broad and chained - A cold blooded roue who will have recourse to anything to satisfy his passions.

The evil passion, in this case, is not the result of the warmth of a generous blood; it is solely the outcome of vicious imaginings.

Chained and rising toward the Mount of Saturn - Contempt of the opposite sex. In a very had hand - Unnatural vices. Otherwise misanthropy of the darkest dye, as Saturn hates company.

3 Malformation 648

The Tobacco Heart - In a very much rayed and cross-rayed hand, a. Line of Head separated from the Line of Life and cut up in a number of short fragments. A very poor Line of Heart. A double Girdle of Venus.

"The abuse of tobacco smoking had rendered the subject wretchedly nervous and almost hysterical. His memory as well as his will power had vanished and the action of his heart was gravely injured by this excess of smoking.'

3 Malformation 649

In combination with other indications. I- Length. Well traced and placed, with a strong first phalanx of the thumb - Constancy. Fidelity needs will power if it is to last. Well traced and placed, but with a weak first phalanx of the thumb - Incon-Btancy; wayward loving disposition.

3 Malformation 650

A good line with a good Line of Head and a Triangle near the termination of a good Line of Life - Tact.

Kindness of heart and brains axe the necessary elements of tact.

3 Malformation 651

A poor line, with a poor Line of Head and a triangle toward the termination of the Line of Life - Unkindneas in speech; foolish, harmful gossip. (See above.)

A well developed Line, with some-what exaggerate Mounts of Venus and the Moon - Romantic disposition.

A man or woman who loves with the imagination, not the senses.

3 Malformation 652

Very long, with a prominent or much lined Mount of the Moon and a clearly marked Girdle of Venus - Almost insane jealousy, generally of a physical nature and often without cause, since imagination, not common sense, rules over it.

3 Malformation 653

A poor line, with a poor Line of Head and a narrow Quadrangle, with smooth fingers and a short phalanx of the Thumb - Vacillation.

3 Malformation 654

A poor Line with the Line of Head separated from the Line of Life and starting high on the Mount of Jupiter - Misfortune in love matters due to one's foolish ambition toward a brilliant union.

The above characteristics of the Line of Head indicate recklessness in one's behavior.

A. Color: Width: Depth

Deep, red and running stiff and clear across the hand, from side to side, with a similar Line of Head and exaggerate Mounts of Mars - Tendency to murder.

Pale and wide, and with a Line of influence from the Mount of Venus to the Mount of Mercury or the Upper Mount of Mars - Material love; extreme sensuality, resorting even to crime, especially with a broken or double- Girdle of Venus.

A Color Width Depth 655A Color Width Depth 656

An unusally deep line with a strong Girdle of Venus and a prominent or much-lined Mount of the Moon - Unreasoning and unreasonable jealousy that will bring about disaster.

A Color Width Depth 657

Weak and poorly traced, with a poor Line of Head - Faitidessness.

Here again, the poor Line of Head indicates the lack of that steady purpose which is an indispensable element of constancy.

Chained or poorly traced, with a similar Line of Head and a Mount of Venus. either exaggerate or covered with many cross-lines- - Constant flirtations or even guilty intrigues.

A Color Width Depth 658

Chained at its intersection with the Line of Fate - Love trouble (or heart disease) having interfered with the subject's career.