Starting from the Line of Life in both hands - Success in art or literature; brilliant fortune. The assistance of relatives has helped the subjet considerably. Still truer if the Line starts inside of the Mount of Venus - The inspiration of love will guide the artist.

II Starting Points 877

This depends, of course, on the other - especially chirognomic - revelations. Notice that, of the three vertical Chief Lines, the Line of Liver is the only one that is not benefited by a contact with the Line of Life at the start.

II Starting Points 878

Starting from the Mount of the Moon and rising straight into the Mount of the Sun - Success due to influential outside protection, generally of the opposite sex.

II Starting Points 879

Starting from the Mount of the Moon and with it sloping Line of Head - Tal-ents and success in the Line of poetry. fiction, ultra-imaginative painting, or Wagnerian music.

II Starting Points 880

Starting from inside the Triangle - Success after serious struggles, and due to the subject's unaided efforts.

Starting from, the Line_of_ Head - The subject will owe his success to no other assistance than that of his own brains.

II Starting Points 881

Starting from the Line of Heart - The love of art. music, literature, etc.. will be influenced, seldom favorably, by some very serious love affair of the subject. The most frequent reading, however, is "financial sufficiency in old age;" this reading fits almost all types of bands; while the first reading requires the usual chirognomic corroborations.

Special Characteristics Of A Famous Painter

A thin hand. A high Mount of the Sun cut by a deep vertical line; a very long but low Mount of the Moon (a sign of weakness of the Mount's special qualities); rather long and square-tipped fingers.

"Seen in the hands of a well-known Parisian landscape painter especially famous for the accuracy of his drawings and the truth of his coloring. A man who took great pains, to do well and was more of an artisan than an artist; he had none of the wild habits of his craft and lacked the quick wit and boisterous spirit far which his guild is famous the world over."

Special Characteristics Of A Famous Painter 882Special Characteristics Of A Famous Painter 883

Starting from inside the Upper Mount of Mars - Aggressiveness in the conquest of fame or fortune.

Fatal Only Love

A long and deep cross on the Mount of Venus. Also a star on the same Mount. from which starts a deep Line of Influence, crossing the whole hand and forming on the Mount of the Moon a cross with a sloping Line of Head. Another Line of Influence, starting from the same star, reaches-deep into the Mount of Mercury, forming a cross between the Mounts of the Sun and Mercury, with a curved line- from the Per-cussion of Mars to the Mount of the Sun. The Line of the Sun stopped by and at this second Line of Influence, A Line of Heart forked on the Mount of Jupiter and ending quite straight around the Percussion.

"A gentleman had grieved greatly on account of the death of a lady (a Mercurian) whom he had passionately loved (his only love). The second cross indicates that this sorrow had thrown him into mysticism, even to exaggeration (sloping Line of Head, cut by the first Line of Influence) and even danger of insanity. Has whole career was practically stopped, wrecked by the death of the loved one.

Fatal Only Love 884