A. By Itself. I. Length

Absent - Ill-success in projects and enterprises that would bring great riches and reputation if - they only succeeded.

With a particularly fine Line of Fate, this discouraging- prognostic would be materially minimized. However, I must admit, that the total absence of a Line of the Sun, in an otherwise excellent hand, is generally an omen of very modest success, out of proportion with one's ambition and hopes.

Long and uncrossed - Riches. Unsullied reputation. Sometimes fame.

A By Itself I Length 868

Straight. and especially strong on the Mount of the Sun - Celebrity as an artist; protection of the great; calm security in the knowledge of one's own talents.

These readings are not often cumulative; they have to be read each for a different subject and with other indications, mostly chiromantic or resulting from the study of the Mounts.

A By Itself I Length 869

Well formed in both hands - Suecess of the most complete kind.

Wavy - Lack of concentrative power. Often bad taste.

2. Color: Width: Depth

Quite red, if straight and long - St rang artistic vocation.

Very broad - Lack of power of concentration.

Pale or simply poorly colored - Artistic aptitudes, but insufficient powers of execution; the "Art Amateur's Line."

2 Color Width Depth 870

Very deep, especially in Artistic Hands - Exaggeration in the output of vital force in the practice of one's talents. This will infallibly lead to paralysis or serious, probably fatal, heart trouble.

3. Malformation

3 Malformation 871

Chained - Poor success in the conquest of fame or fortune.

B. In Connection With Other Indications. I. Length

Absent but with a good Line of Fate in the Hand - The good luck shown by the Line of Fate much reduced if not wiped out by the absence of the Line. (See above.)

B In Connection With Other Indications I Length 872

Absent or badly traced, with an island on the Line of Liver and a Line of Fate cut tip by small lines - Bankruptcy.

Here again we find evidence of the business meaning of the Line of Liver. The absence of the Line of the Sun is indication of a mental capacity so poor as to be unable to devise the means to overcome threatening looses.

B In Connection With Other Indications I Length 873

Absent between the Line of Head and Heart - Projects that come to nothing; untoward accidents interfering with the subject's career.

Of course this leaves the subject without the services to be obtained from his best brain power between the age of 35 to 50, which is usually the time in life when men get rich, if ever.

Gear and straight in both hands, with a single star on the Mount of the Sun - Celebrity due to talent.

B In Connection With Other Indications I Length 874

Straight and deeply marked on the Mount of the Sun with pronounced Mounts of Jupiter and Mercury - Sure wealth and fame due to the subject's exceptional talents.

Intellectuality, shrewdness and ambition to urge one on are three strong elements of success.

Deeply marked on the Mount of the Sun, with pronounced Mounts of Venus and the Moon - Aptitude for line literary work.

Notice that this reading is to he applied to the greater portion of the subject's life, not only to that stretch included between the Line of Heart and the base of the third finger.

Deeply marked on the Mount of the Sun with pronounced Mount of the Moon and short nails - Literary Or art critics of distinction

Remember what was said about these short nails on pages 39-40.

A good Line with a good Line of Fate and a high Mount of Jupiter - The combination of a bright mind and a combative nature. Ambition satisfied.

Deeply traced, with a Mount of Jupiter high in both hands - Friendship of people in high position. Lofty domineering spirit. The type of a Louis XIV. of France, majestic and fond of outward pomp.

B In Connection With Other Indications I Length 875

A good Line with a long Line of Head and a very long third finger - Talents absorbed in the acquisition of wealth by speculation.

I discovered these same characteristics in the hands of travelers in wild countries, especially in the Tropics.

B In Connection With Other Indications I Length 876

Found in both hands, with a sloping Line of Head and a third finger almost if not quite, as long as the second - Gambling propensities.

The sloping Line of Head denotes the mastery of imagination over reason, which is the perdition of the born gambler, be he in front of the green cloth or around the wheat pit of the Board of Trade.

A fairly good line in a hollow hand - It ceases to be effective in helping the subject to fame and fortune.

An abnormally low Palm Proper is a grievous sign of persistent ill-luck. It means great, inborn discouragement incapable of "fighting to a finish" the battle of life. (See page 39.)

A straight line with a hollow palm and twisted fingers - Talents used for an evil purpose, but with miserable failure as the inevitable end.

Clever schemers will show such malformations. To the fairly conversant palmist such "crooks" are harmless, as he reads their true natures in an instant.