V. The Third (Or Outer) Angle

It is not in truth an Angle since the Lines, of Life and Liver, which are supposed to form it. do not connect but simply come close to each other.

V The Third Or Outer Angle 977

The Third Angle well formed and slightly open in a broad Triangle - Good all-around health.

The Third Angle well cut and narrow, and slightly open, with a well developed Mount of Mercury - Wit, The Third Angle

A perfect Line of Liver is apt to increase the quick mental faculties of the subject.

V The Third Or Outer Angle 978

The third Angle broad, clear and sufi-ciently open, with a Line of Liver ter-minating high on the Mount of Mercury - Longevity; generosity; success in business.

V The Third Or Outer Angle 979

The Third Angle very obtuse, with the first phalanx of the thumb weak and the Mount of Venus exaggerate - Faith lessness.

V The Third Or Outer Angle 980

The Third Angle poorly formed, with small lines cutting the Line of Life - Neuralgia.

The Angle will be either too widely opened, with poor Lines of Head and Liver; or the Line of Liver will connect at the start witl the Line of Life - always a sign of neuralgia or even palpitation of the heart and fainting fits (with a bad Line of Heart).

V The Third Or Outer Angle 981

The Third Angle formed of lines much broken - Bad nature, both rough and incurably lazy.

I am inclined to think that this applies only to the Line of Liver.