V Lines And Signs On The Upper Mount Of Mars 147

One line - Courage, sang-froid.

V Lines And Signs On The Upper Mount Of Mars 148

Several lines, rather confused - Violent temper, lasciviousness, brutality in love; a very bad omen for the generaJ success of the subject. Also bronchitis and disease of the larynx.

V Lines And Signs On The Upper Mount Of Mars 149

Horizontal lines from the Percussion - Enemies; for each line an enemy; their length and depth indicate their power.

V Lines And Signs On The Upper Mount Of Mars 150

If they cross the Line of Liver - The health is affected by these enmities: if they cross the Line of the Sun, money matters are affected: if they cross the Line of Fate, the career is endangered; if they cut the Line of Life, relatives or supposed close friends are the guilty ones.

In that last ease see Chapter on the Lines of Influence.

V Lines And Signs On The Upper Mount Of Mars 151

Crossed Lines from the Percussion or simply on the Mount, particularly if deep and forked - Severe throat and bronchial troubles.


Two mixed horizontal lines from the Percussion on the Upper Mount of Mars ending in a fork.

"A lady complaining of bronchial troubles was told that the above marking revealed a trouble in the larynx, not the lungs."

Laryngitis 152Laryngitis 153

A spot - A wound in a fight. With an exaggerate Mount - The wound was inflicted by the subject.

Laryngitis 154

A cross, with an exaggerate Mount - Danger from the quarrelsome or stubborn disposition of the subject. With a fairly developed Mount - Danger of bodily harm to be suffered by the subject.

Laryngitis 155

A star, with an exaggerate Mount - Homicide committed by the subject through furious anger or jealousy. With a normal Mount - Danger of as-sassi nation. (See confirmation elsewhere and particularly on the Mount of Saturn and the second finger).

Laryngitis 156

A square - A violent temper held in check by reason. If the Mount is below normal - Protection against bodily harm.

Laryngitis 157

A circle - A very bad omen; often a wound in the eye. (Rare).

A triangle - Excellence in military tactics.

Upper Mars,

Laryngitis 158

A grille- - Hemorrhage. Great danger of violent death. With an exaggerate Mount - Decided murderous instincts.

Laryngitis 159Laryngitis 160

A grille over the lower part of the Mount extending to the upper part of the Mount of the Moon - Serious intestinal trouble. Often catarrh of the stomach.

Laryngitis 161

The Sign of Jupiter - The characteristic of the insatiable conqueror; met also in the hands of the "lady-killer,"

Laryngitis 162

The Sign of Saturn - Disposition both morbid and murderous, found in the poisoner's hand when his fell deed has been incited by a desire of revenge, not by a thirst for lucre.

Laryngitis 163

The Sign of the Sun - Love of show, of vivid colors; childish vanity satisfied with a bright uniform or a gem.

Laryngitis 164

The Sign of Mercury - The love of conquest and triumph on the field of business; found in the hands of plungers on the exchange or on the turf; in the hands of born gamblers.

Laryngitis 165

The Sign of Mars - Intensifies the merits or demerits of the Mount.

Laryngitis 166

The Sign of the Moon - Violent insanity is threatened.

Laryngitis 167

The Sign of Venus - Violence in love matters.

With an exaggerate Mount apply the principles laid down at the end of my readings of Jupiter.