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THE Sun enters the Celestial House of Taurus, the second sign of the Zodiac, on April 21st, and remains in occupation until May 22nd. Taurus is situated between the constellations of Aries and Gemini, and its position is marked by a beautiful cluster of stars named Hyades, from a Greek word meaning rain, because the influence of these stars was considered to be conducive to rainfalls. Its most brilliant star is Aldebaran, a star of the first magnitude; Taurus also contains the Pleiades, and it is a generally accepted theory amongst astronomers that the motion of the Sun, probably in a circle, has its centre in one of these stars. According to ancient mythology, the Pleiades were the seven daughters of Atlas and Pheione, who, because of their great virtue and purity, were rewarded by a place in the heavens as a constellation of stars.

The symbol of this House is the Bull (as illustrated Frontispiece, No. 2), which was selected by the early Chaldean astrologers as typifying the nature of those born under this sign, and not from any fancied resemblance of its stars to a Bull. Undoubtedly the Zodiac had a prehistoric origin, and one of the ancient names given to this sign was Te, meaning foundation, which is interesting from the fact that it was in this sign period that the foundations of the two Jewish temples were laid.

As Taurus is the first of the earthly signs it typifies the creative forces of Nature; Apis, the sacred Bull of the Egyptians, was used as its symbol and was adopted by the Greeks as typical of fecundity, and is mentioned in Part I, Chapter VIII (Abraxas - Sacred Names - Khnoubis - The Seven Vowels), on Greek Talismans. In Ancient Greece, Venus, the ruling planet of this House, was represented by the goddess Aphrodite, usually shown with horns on her head (not intended to represent the goddess Isis as has been sometimes imagined, but the planet Venus, which occasionally in the course of her revolution round the Sun is seen in crescent form).

The dominating characteristic of Taurus subjects is their tenacity of purpose, which makes them staunch friends but determined enemies; and although this may to some extent cause difficulty in adapting their opinions to those of others, on the other hand it enables them, when once they have grasped existing conditions, to reap the benefit of their industry and application.

They possess strong mental and physical powers, and are persistent students, their qualities of concentration making them capable of high educational attainments. They are determined, fearless, enthusiastic, and unyielding in carrying out their schemes; and, when not irritated, are generous. The temper is, under normal circumstances, even, if at times sullen, not easily provoked, but very hot and tempestuous when aroused. They can be influenced through their enthusiasm, but will resent to the utmost with dogged obstinacy any attempt to drive them against their inclinations. Their memories are, as a rule, good, and their tenacity of purpose is usually accompanied by a great deal of patience, so that they usually accomplish aims, although not always with a due regard to cost. Their outlook is practical, but not miserly, and money is valued as a medium of power, and for the use that can be made of it. Owing to their strong vitality, they generate fife forces very rapidly, which gives them the power of healing, making them very helpful to people of nervous temperament lacking in vitality which this type possesses in excess. When attracted their friendship is sincere and trustworthy; and, although they are undoubtedly shrewd in business matters, they are also sensitive to psychic and emotional influences, being apt to allow their feelings and emotions to rule, laying themselves open to deception, and the unscrupulous, by working upon their sympathies, can prejudice their judgment, so that as a rule it will be best for this type to make all important decisions when alone, either in the early morning or after retiring at night.

They do not usually suffer from lack of appetite, and their tastes are of an epicurean nature, the masculine subjects being critical and not easily satisfied; the gentler sex are apt to be hypercritical and with a strong bias in favour of their own culinary theories or methods over those of others.

Their success in life comes, as a rule, after thirty, when they have their dispositions well in hand and are able to benefit by their experiences.

In this sign the Moon is in exaltation, and subjects born when she is so placed have their characters strengthened, and have more reserve and self-control. Their ambitions become practical and successful; the constitution is stronger, and there is less liability to disease.

With Taurean subjects, the early impressions of life are vivid and lasting, and their future career and welfare depend very largely on their training and influences through childhood and youth, surrounding conditions and early attachments being never forgotten.

Although producing practical business people, this sign has also its artistic side natural to the planet Venus. Many talented musicians and singers are born during this period, and the type as a whole, even when personally unaccomplished, is greatly influenced by music and singing which make a strong appeal to their emotional tendencies.

Unless following a very active vocation, their abundant vitality predisposes them to put on flesh, and it is through this tendency that disease attacks them and they become liable to stomach troubles, dropsy, affections of the heart, kidneys, and generative system; they are also prone to complaints affecting the throat, such as quinsies, diphtheria, and laryngitis.

They will harmonise best with people whose birthdays come between August 22nd and September 22nd; December 21st and January 20th; and June 21st and July 22nd.

The Gems of this House are the Sapphire and Turquoise, which are especially suitable for the expression of the Taurean qualities.