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THE Sun enters the Zodiacal House of Leo on the 23rd of July and remains in occupation until the 23rd of August. Leo is the fifth sign in the order of the Zodiac, and is marked by the constellation of stars bearing this name, situated in the Northern Celestial Hemisphere, just below the Great Bear or Plough, and contains over seventy stars visible to the naked eye, the principal star of which being designated Cor Leonis, or the Lion's Heart. This star is also known as Regulus, and is useful to navigators for ascertaining their longitude at sea. The constellation is easily identified by a group of stars forming a well-shaped sickle on the west side of the cluster. Leo and Cancer, being the most northerly of the twelve signs, are the nearest to the zenith of the earth, causing the greatest warmth and heat, and are consequently assigned to the Houses of the two luminaries, Cancer, as being feminine, to the Moon, and Leo, as masculine, to the Sun. Leo, coming in the centre of the fiery signs, is specially suited for the Sun's manifestations, and it is said that the symbol of this house, the Lion, was given because, when the Sun, the Ruler of this House, is in occupation, his heat resembles that of a raging lion; and it is a well-known fact that the Sun was worshipped as a Lion by the Ancients, the Egyptians keeping the month of July sacred to him and holding the Ludi Apollinares in his honour.

In Greek Mythology

In Greek Mythology the Lion is said to represent the monster who was the terror of travellers in the forests of Nemaea; it was slain by Hercules in battle, and to commemorate the great combat Jupiter gave it a place amongst the stars.

As a symbol of this sign it is, however, much older than the Greeks, being represented in both the Egyptian and Indian Zodiacs.

(The symbols of the House of Leo are illustrated in No. 5 of the coloured Frontispiece).

Astrologically, Leo is known as a fixed sign, and fixity of aims and ideas is a marked characteristic of this type, for when they believe themselves right in their views or opinions on any subject in which they are interested, they are immovable although never aggressive, deeming it not worth while to argue or explain unless their hearers are sympathetic or reasonable.

In religious matters they have unbounded zeal and enthusiasm, often believing they have a special mission in life which they are persistent in fulfilling, no matter at what cost, personal sacrifice, or inconvenience. They formulate ideas quickly, possessing a marvellous faculty of presenting well-known facts in a new light and also of adapting a thought or suggestion from a sermon or lecture and enlarging and developing its meaning and purpose without reference to the literal words of the speaker, astonishing their listeners by their apparent mastery of the subject under discussion. Possessing a clear brain, they invariably consider matters from a practical point of view, scorning petty actions, and, for this reason, those with whom they come in contact are more often ready to forward their interests than to oppose them, so that they succeed from force of circumstances, and are often helped by these means into advantageous positions. It is not, therefore, surprising that in the majority of cases where phenomenal good fortune has elevated the ordinary tradesman into the wealthy magnate they have belonged to the Leo type. Under ordinary circumstances these subjects are of bright sunny disposition, high-spirited and large-hearted, with a pleasant, affable temperament free from envy or malice. Although liable to quick flashes of temper they harbour no grudge, having the ability to win even their worst enemy into seeming friendliness. They are frequently great money-makers, although not being economical by nature they do not save, yet, luxurious and inclined to be extravagant in their tastes, their proverbial good luck seems to carry them ever on the crest of the wave, no matter how profuse their expenditure. In social entertainments they come to the fore, and are good raconteurs, able to tell a story well, the point (although always in good taste) losing nothing in their hands, making them often the objects of envy among their less-favoured fellows.

The constitution is usually healthy and vigorous, but they are subject to affections of the heart which is apt from overstrain to become irregular in its action, and the cause of palpitation and fainting fits; they are also liable to sunstroke and diseases of the eye, and in every case that has come under the writer's notice, where the Sun in Leo was in opposition to the Moon at the time of birth, the subject has been afflicted with a squint.

In marriage and love affairs they are often unfortunate, their high standard of excellence with their idealistic emotional natures causing them to endow the objects of their affections with attributes of their own imagining. In consequence they are frequently disappointed and mistaken in their judgments; but fortunately great sympathy, tolerance, and forbearance to the feelings of others is so natural to this type that, in many cases of inharmonious marriage they have adapted themselves to circumstances and conditions almost impossible of endurance. When undeveloped, or badly aspected by other planets, however, Leo subjects will degenerate greatly, becoming empty-headed boasters and reckless investors, stopping at no folly in their efforts to become popular and conspicuous; taking risky chances, and through careless speculation losing heavily, yet even so they are often successful in escaping the consequences of their imprudence. Being versatile and brilliant, subjects of the Leo type succeed best as Artists, Actors, Authors, Commanders, Officers, Stockbrokers, Inventors, Goldsmiths, Jewellers, Fancy Dealers, etc. It is usual to attribute artistic talent to this type, but this is not always correct, for although they invariably possess a keen appreciation of Art and are fond of beautiful and harmonious surroundings, the executive ability is not frequently noticeable, although when present the artist excels in produring pictures of golden sunlight effects of late afternoon and sunset colourings.

In matters of friendship, partnership, or marriage they will be most in harmony with those born during the Aries, Sagittarius, Libra, and Gemini periods.

The gems of the House are the Sardonyx, Chrysolite, Tourmaline, and Amber.